When will Fuoye Medicals Start |Requirements For Fuoye Medicals

 When Will Fuoye Start Medicals For Fresher

Fuoye medicals

What is Fuoye medicals

Fuoye medical popularly called medicals is a step in the registration for newly admitted students or newly accepted staffs into Fuoye. 

When they accept a new set of people, they need to test them so they don't end up bringing in people who will bring them problems.


Things to take to school as a fresher 

Can I do Fuoye medicals without paying school fees? 

Yes of course you can, just make sure you pay your medical fee. 

Basic Requirements For The Fuoye Medicals 

What do I need to take along with me when coming for Fuoye medicals? 

  1. Money 
  2. Passports 
  3. Biro 
  4. Patience 
  5. You must be a bona-fide student of Fuoye, meaning you must have paid your acceptance fee 

What will they be testing during the Fuoye medicals 

Eye test  

They want to know if your eye is okay or which eye is weaker.. The test is actually very annoying

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Blood test 

This is the most scary part of the whole test especially for those who are scared of needles or those who don't have enough blood.. It is done so school can know your blood group, genotype and so on

Urine Test 

You'll be asked to urinate inside some transparent can like that Sha.. I think it's used to the same tests you do for the blood test and the urine and blood test are always done together... At some point, the school stops the urine test and does only the blood test 

Breast Test

This type of Fuoye medicals is only for ladies 

Chest X-ray 

Both male and female do this test, you'll be asked to remove your shirt or anything covering your chest, then you place your chest on a surface.. You'll then be asked to breathe in and out as the x ray scans your chest. 

There might be Corona virus test this year Sha 

Read more about what you will be facing by reading a story based on my personal experience as a Fuoye Fresher. 

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The University Health Centre was established in the month of July, 2012, but as at today we have one (1) Centre in each of the Campuses (Oye, Ikole and Pre-Degree Centre) with eight (8) functional Units namely:-

  • Medical Unit;
  • Pharmacy Unit;
  • Nursing Unit;
  • Medical Laboratory Unit;
  • Radiography Unit;
  • Medical Records Unit;
  • Environmental Health Unit;
  • Administrative/NHIS Unit;

In time, the University Health Services have marked some achievements and performances by the Staff of the University Health Services. It was a privilege to see all of the progress made by the dedicated team.

The Directorate of the University Health Services devoted its expertise/abilities of improving the Health and well-being of staff and students in the University by implementing ideas and policy changes

How much is Fuoye Medical Fee

As at the last time it was done, the Fuoye medicals cost just N10, 000 only .

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Does Fuoye offer medical laboratory science 

Yes Fuoye now offers MLS.. Medical laboratory science is one of the newly accredited courses in Fuoye 

Is Fuoye medicals compulsory

Fuoye medicals is very compulsory cos you can't finish your registration without doing it. 

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You can't even graduate without having the medical report 

School fees is now available, does that mean that medicals will soon start? 

Yes and No 

Will Medicals Start this month

Definitely not.. Fuoye medicals start in this month of July/August 

When will Fuoye Medicals Start

According to my speculations, Fuoye medicals should start on or before the 26th of July but from the look of things... It might be August 2...its so difficult to predict right now but the time for the medicals is here. 


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