Transport System Coming To Fuoye Ikole Campus Next Week| Sug Promises

On Tuesday, June 15 2021 at about 12:30pm the Fuoye Student Union (Fuoyesu) came into Ikole campus and addressed the students.
Comrade Olowoekere Damilola pls Awesome D who is one of Student Union Executives addressed the students and made promises.
"Shuttle buses will be made available in Ikole Campus from next week" He said
Mind you, a class was going on when the Student Union Executives came to address the students. EEE 204 lectures was actually going. Awesome D decided to address the lectures..
"I know how difficult this course can be"
"I'm a student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and I promise to organize tutorials for this course" He further added.
Shortly after he welcomed Alabi Johnson Sunday, The Student Union President... Pka Rexpect
Rexpect came on the stage and further emphasied on the fact that the transport system aka korope is already available.
"You no longer have to worry about Fulani herdsmen" he said

"No Fulani herdsmen will be allowed inside our campus or your hostels, but be security conscious" he added
"Traffic lights will be put in place from school gate to Elt(Engineering Lecture Theater)" He further added
He made a few more promises which we believe he'll make come to pass. According to them, the transport fare while using the korope will range from N20, N50 and N70 depending on the distances apart..
Sug executives like Precise and many others were also present.
The 200 level engineering students were so excited and the Sug finally left after the students screamed #bettter Fuoye on the top of their voices.
A better Fuoye is what we want..
Nothing more, nothing less

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