Nans chairman slaps Fuoye 200 level Mass Comm Student|Students go wild

Nans disrupts activities in Fuoye main campus

About few hours ago something happened in Fuoye, Oye campus... 

Nans Ekiti chapter were in the premises of Fuoye cos an inauguration ceremony was to take place inside the campus. 

Now, the lecture room where the inauguration ceremony was to hold was occupied by some 200 level students of mass communication. 

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Nans Ekiti chapter representatives were also in the campus..
The nans chairman came into the class and tried to disrupt the class.. But the students and the lecturer tried to plead with them cos the class was to close in about 30 mins from that time.

The next thing that was heard was a slap.. 
Who slapped who? 
The noise come from somewhere just outside the class.

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The noise pulled a crowd and it was confirmed that the Nans chairman had slapped a girl who goes by the name, Joy. 

According to reports, she was slapped 3 times. 

Students reacted and got very pissed.... The angry students dragged the chairman to the security unit and the Nans chairman was asked to apologise to the whole department... 

Not just an apology but he must prostrate, other executive members of Nans Ekiti chapter reacted saying... Our chairman cannot prostrate for anybody...

How did the students react after this? 

Shortly after students got angry.. Somebody pushed somebody... And the class governor for 200 level Mass Comm fell down and started vomiting... (how true is this? I don't know... I'm only typing based on reports I got)..
What happened after? More details coming shortly... 

Now we are back, we've gotten enough evidence to prove that this news is legit... 
The Nans executive actually humiliated the lecturer out of the class and it hasn't been confirmed yet if the 200 level Mass Comm class governor was actually hit with a charm.. 
The inauguration ceremony which the Sug allegedly postponed due to the crisis, later held.... Why? 
The security unit took said since the Nans chairman who slapped Joy the victim prostrated... Then the meeting can hold... 

Will prostrating be good enough to cover up the humiliation she felt or what happened to the class governor... 
What do you think guys? 


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  1. This is so terrible 😯😯😯
    Does something like this still happen in universities😪😪😪

  2. And they are meant to be students representatives..... What a shame

  3. Yes!!! It’s true!! The class governor was gassing for air almost passed out...the girl was slapped by three different members of NANS...

  4. That guy needs to be face panel,his a disgrace and to NANS they need to suspend every of there activities too

    1. We can fight this together..

      Let's talk about this on WhatsApp..

      Please you can use the get button message box on the side of the screen

  5. They humiliated the lecturer out of the class...chased him ...the lecturer asked for just 30 minutes more!!! N d NANS official told the people decorating to continue ...Dey were using nails to nail the decoration,the noise was disrupting the class and the NANS member told dem to continue!! He even told the DJ to start playing music!!! The lecturer was very sad n walked out !!! It’s disheartening!!!! Very bad !!

    1. Wow.. Miss adenike you will be an awesome reporter..
      Please let's talk on WhatsApp.. Maybe you can give me a more detailed report .
      Message me instantly on WhatsApp

  6. A whole lecturer of an institution...humiliated like that!!! By who!!!!? A NANS member?!!!!! For what!!! On what ground!!!!

  7. Honestly all those nans representative are hoodlums they don't even feel sorry for what happened instead they were threatening some of them made a statement besides me to a guy that they will just kill him and bury his body. Are this the people we call student Representatives?

      Message me instantly on WhatsApp..
      Let's talk on WhatsApp please

  8. Omo mhen, this is disheartening

  9. 🤣🤣🤣 this new is Dem funny ajeh fuoye don dey sweet wahala be like bicycle 🤣🤣🤣 but on a serious note postrating isn't enough to cure such humiliation slaping a lady to the extent of giving her such mark on her face needs a thorough justice


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