Kaduna College of Nursing student dies,others still recovering from fire outbreak in petrol station while they were charging their phones

This news is really shocking, mind you this happened almost a week ago, the news only came out after one of the victims died.

 A student has died after being caught up in the fuel station fire that occurred on May 18 in Kaduna.

Lydia Dantata, a student of Kaduna State College of Nursing and Midwifery, went to charge her phone with other students of the school in a petrol station opposite the school campus in Kafanchan.


The students had not had power in their school for days due to the power outage resulting from the five-day warning strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC.

While charging their mobile devices at the fuel station opposite campus, an extension box they tried to plug into a socket provided for them to charge sparked. This happened while a tanker was discharging petrol at the station so the spark led to a fire.


10 students were caught in the fire and were rushed to different hospitals.

Lydia Dantata and another student who sustained first-degree burns were taken to Jos University Teaching University (JUTH).


Five other students with a lesser degree of burns were taken to the General Hospital, Kafanchan and are still receiving treatment.


The other three students were taken by their parents to hospitals of their choice.


Unfortunately, days after the fire, Lydia Dantata passed on at the Joss University Teaching Hospital. She died on Sunday, May 23.

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