How To Register And Pay For Workshop Technology and Applied Mechanics Easily ¦A picture guide

 How to Pay For Workshop Technology and Applied Mechanics Online Fast 

What'sup guys.. If you are reading this, you are definitely a 200 level engineering student in Fuoye {Fucked up school} 😂

Aiit, let's do this shii..

I realised that barely 300 students have registered for both courses and I'm like seriously?

Honestly that's why I'm making this write up to make this shii easy for you.

Please be a little patient... If you don't you're gon skip some steps and that'll be terrible.

How can I pay for my workshop Technology and Applied Mechanics stuff online?

Before you get to the stage of paying, you need to get registered first.

Step 1 : Pick up your phone and go to your Google chrome browser..

Its safer and easier.. I know phoenix browser is kind of popular now. I prefer Google chrome cos it saves my passwords.

Step 2: Enter this url

Step 3: You end up in a really weird site... And you are like, where the f am I?

Click on the stuff like a box at the top right corner{the pic will guide you}

Step 4: Now you've clicked on the shi right?

You'll see some tabs, locate the sign up tab and click on it

Step 5: it takes you to another page where you can register properly..

Fill it carefully....

For the email, I'll advise you to use your school email

Step 5:

 You'll see this I'm not a robot shii {I honestly don't know who invented that shi.. 😒}.. Click on the box

Step Six :Click on submit

Now you are done right?

Dude you haven't started yet..

Step Seven :Login to your school email... If you have forgotten the password it's Fuoye123

Step 8: Go to your spam

Or chill, do you know where the shit is?{The picture will guide you}

Why does that mail have to go to the spam box?

I really don't know... You can ask your lecturer

Step 9: After seeing the message, you will see some kind of weird looking link... Just click on the shit.

Sir, I didn't see the stuff in my spam box?

Are you for real?

If you don't see it in the spam box...

* You probably don't know where the spam box is

*You are using the wrong email..

I really feel this is the biggest issue, you probably made a lil mistake, please cross check it

* Network wahala{better stop using Glo 😂😂.. No offense to glo users}

This is another issue. I'll advice you to keep checking, but honestly.. You should see that stuff like in seconds...

😐My thumbs are paining me already and we are yet to get to the good stuff.

How to pay for Workshop Technology 1 and Applied Mechanics Online

The payment method is the same way for both courses... 

Step 1 : Now you are back to the Unified Education home page... Locate Dr. B. J Olorunfemi

{the pics will guide you) click on it

Step 2: it takes you to a new page, locate Workshop Technology 1 and Apply Mechanics not Applied Mechanics... When I saw the shit... I was like wtf... Apply Mechanics!?{😭no one forced me to choose Fuoye 😖}

Step 3 : Depending on the course you want to pay for first..

Let's click on workshop technology 1

Step 4 : You'll see something just like the pic below.. Just click on the icons below the 200 naira stuff

Step 5: You will be taken to a new page where you are to choose your preferred payment method.. For me, I chose card cos its safer and easier..

Some people who used other methods had issues..

Guidelines for payments with other methods will be shown soon 

Step Six :You will be directed to a page where you are to input your card details.

{Please use the picture guide for the rest}

After the payment is successful..

Use the same method for Applied Mechanics..

If you still don't understand... Feel free to use the comment box or message me

Or better still contact Unified Education

Feel free to give a shout out to this blog if we really saved your ass. 




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