How To Upgrade Jamb Result | All you need to know about Jamb result upgrade in 2021

 How To Upgrade Jamb Result | All you need to know about Jamb result upgrade in 2021 

Upgrade Jamb Result


Upgrading JAMB Result, How can I upgrade my Jamb score 

If you want to upgrade your Jamb score then you are on the right page 


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How can I upgrade my Jamb score myself? 

How do you think you will be able to upgrade it yourself na... 

Can JAMB scores be upgraded?

I guess have been beating around the Bush, stop playing with yourself..... Its fake 

Is jamb adding mark for candidates 2020?

In 2016, Jamb had an issue with the marking of results for those who participated in the UTME exams on the first two days and as a result they added 40 marks t8 every affected candidate. 

I was a victim in 2016,so I can relate... But after that, nothing of such happened again since then. 

Is jamb upgrading real or fake?

Jamb result upgrade is fake!! I repeat Fake 

What Is JAMB UTME Result Upgrading? 

Yeah, what does this whole Jamb result upgrade shii actually mean,,,? 

Upgrade of results means adding to a candidate’s mark; who had performed below expectations.

This, to UTME candidates, will help him or her get the right or desired score to qualify for the post UTME or admission of his or her proposed institution.

Is JAMB UTME Results Upgrade Possible?

I will tell you NO.

Instead of thinking of that why don't you read 

Secrets of passing Jamb 

How to get above 250 in Jamb 

Jamb tricks revealed. 

How to answer jamb questions properly 

Look, the whole stuff isn't in anyway real, they just feed on your desperation.. 

Please and Please its not real. 

You might have seen something like this 

jamb CBT 2017 Result Score Upgrading is still going on. Upgarde your jamb low score result 280-360 now before the result correction portal close. Check & upgrade your 2017 jamb CBT score now from official, result not yet out, interested Candidates should call result rectification/correction portal Mr james help-line – 09051432582 -now for Assistance

I am glad Mr Mathew help me to upgrade my result to 240 if you also want to upgrade your own kindly call him on 08164241490

if you want to upgrade your 2017 jamb score from 180 to 200 above, and your result is pending or withheld result call Mr Mike 08125091896 from jamb head office abuja for help

But I Saw Someone that Claimed his UTME Results was Upgraded.? 

jamb result upgrade


Shit! You've forgotten that there is something called photoshop right? 

Don’t let them fool you. Some scammers go online to lure into their traps.

They post on Facebook and blog, then comment under some online posts. They give you a picture that looks real but it’s not. They want you to pay them and that’s the end of your money.

Besides those people who claim that they had their results upgraded are working for the Scammers and the victims of the Scammers stay quiet cos they know people will abuse them. 

Trust me have been in your shoes before... 

Don’t be tempted. You don't have to believe everything you see on the internet, please. The Internet is the most anonymous place to dupe people.

How do these Scammers Trick People To Believe Jamb Result Upgrade is Real

1.Calls on Phone or Text Messages

This is their main method ooo... Especially text message. 

Someone may call you that a man has helped him upgrade his UTME score. He will then give you a number to call the helper on, so your own result could be upgraded too.

This is a scam – run bro.

The guy who gave you the number is the same guy or his friend that will pick when you make a call.

He will then find a means to collect money from you. He can even show you higher results after he has done some editing on a computer.

Then, when you’d paid, you go back to check your result online. What you see is the old poor score.

2. Facebook Post /WhatsApp Group Invite and Comments 

I'm sure you must have started seeing those posts on Facebook and WhatsApp... The truth is you might think it's a scam now until you realise your score is really low and you'll be ready to do anything to increase it.. 

They'll use your desperation against you 

Some scammers will post blog comments that they score very low marks in UTME and claim that it was one JAMB official who helped them to upgrade the results and now they have higher marks.

They will then leave a phone number on which you can call the helper or the JAMB official to or email you can contact him through. 

In fact, some may upload the picture of their results showing a higher mark.(Photoshop) 

It’s a lie – run!

Here is what actually happens. The same person that comments is the same person who owns the number or the email. Immediately you call him, he’ll claim he does help upgrade results. He will ask for your JAMB registration number and other information. He will promise to upgrade it for you immediately that you should pay some money. He may even tell you to pay half of the money and when he has completed your upgrade, you pay the rest.

It’s a lie. He will collect that money and that will be the last time you guys ever talked.

3.Fake Confirmation that The Claim is True

A scammer will post a claim above or related and some people will comment below his post that it’s true.

No – it’s not true.

The same person who posts is still the one commenting below the post to scam you. He wants you to believe it when you see others saying it’s real.

He can even sponsor some other people to comment and claim he is really a SURE runz man.

What Can you do instead of Jamb Result Upgrading 

Look for a course with low competition 

Read : less competitive courses to study in Nigeria 

Look for university with easy admission 

Try going to the Polytechnic or a college of education 

Try going for predegree 

Try A'Levels/Jupeb /Ijmb 

Prepare for another Jamb 

Read : how to prepare for jamb 

In conclusion, I really hope you will understand my whole point in writing this post on Jamb result upgrade.. 

Please run away from every appearance of Scammers.. 

Feel free to drop comments and share this post to those who need it . 


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  1. Wow i am so so happy finally i make my jamb. i am from River state, i am one of the 2015 jamb-bite candidate. and i receive sms from jamb that i score 153 and my cut off mark is 250. i was so sad i could not tell my parent about it even when they asked me i told them that the result is not yet out.i was crying all day because i have being writing jamb for the past three years now.i was so worried i have no option than to go to the Internet and i saw a post that if i want to upgrade jamb score that i should contact the following number, and i collect the number and save it on my phone.after two hours i called the Man and i explain things to him. he told me not to worry that i should send him my details. after sending him my details, he told me to pay some amount of money that i will receive an sms from jamb, at first i was scared and i never believed him. i thought he was a scam but due to his advice, i later have little faith on him. i was so surprise that after i sent the money he asked me to pay, few hours time i saw jamb sms on my phone and i opened it with fear i saw that my score has being upgraded from 153 to 257 now am in my NYSC …i share this testimony because of those who are having the same problem to please contact MR.JAMES Jamb official on +2348050805758 or whatsapp +2348067239646 sir you will forever be bless once again thanks. So Call +2348050805758 or whatsapp +2348067239646 now to score above 250.

  2. I just check my jamb result it was 150 so I was hopeless I got Mr Momoh number online I called MR Momoh and explain he help me to upgrade my score to 260 I am so exited to see my score upgrade to 260 may God almighty keep blessing him and his family Amen.

    Please contact him through this if you have interest to upgrade your jamb score .CONTACT INFORMATION

    CALLING NUMBER: 09065476357
    WhatsApp CONTACT:+86 13759745052
    WhatsApp CONTACT:+86 19822901792

  3. All thanks to Mr Collins for helping me to upgrade my JAMB last year if not for his help i would not have been in school now,so to all jamb candidates if you seek for a real jamb official who can help you upgrade your jamb just contact Mr Collins
    Kindly call or Whats-app> 09050455587


  4. Hello my people am PROFESSOR GODWIN OKOSUN Dear jambite 2021 this is to inform you of the

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  6. Attention! Attention!! Attention!!! 2021 Jamb upgrade is here again this is to announce to all candidates who register for 2021 jamb exams that if you know you have written your exams and you are not happy about your jamb score this is your chance to upgrade your jamb score from 150 to 300 and above candidate should contact Mr. William jamb office 07056683626 to upgrade your score

  7. Balogun WilliamsJune 19, 2021 at 5:04 PM

    Jamb! Jamb Do you want to write jamb Exam this year? Do you want to score up to 130/300/270 and above? Jamb (2021) question and answer is available, for those who want to upgrade their score, before the final results will be out this the jamb examine. Mr Williams ,his number 08161878498) I promise you he will help you succeed interested candidate only.



    My name is Vera i want to use this opportunity to thank professor pius osadolor ,I just check my jamb result it was 170 so I was hopeless and when i was on line on Facebook i came across a post by promise omo on how PROFESSOR GODWIN OKOSUN help her to upgrade her score from 167 to 245 i collected his number and call him i explain to him my problem he sak me to send all my details which i did after 35 minutes and also my weac results which i have f9 in some subject, was upgraded immediately now I am happy if u want to upgrade your jamb or weac just contact professor pius osadolor WhatsApp @ 09052813168 he is going to help u the way he helped me thank you all 09052813168

  9. hello my fellow jam bite,my name is blessing Oghenemaro from warri delta state.i want to testify on how Mr AKHIMIEN helped me to upgrade my score.i wrote my jamb cbt last week and i performed poorly and i scored 174 and i was afraid that my father should not find out about my result so a friend of mine who also performed poorly but upgraded hers told me of one Mr AKHIMIEN who helped her to upgrade her result with that i was encouraged so i contacted him and i explained to him and he assured me of getting a higher score.luckily for me he upgraded my score to most exciting part is that i applied for university of Ibadan so i got more than their cutoff mark.So please everybody if you are having similar problem,kindly contact him on +2349033255644 he is kindly,friendly and a person to be trusted and at the same time he is a man of his word.....

  10. I am so happy today….thank you so much Mr.AKHIMIEN for helping me to release my withheld waec jamb result as this was the second time i
    wrote this same exam i thank you Mr.AKHIMIEN for helping me,i made all the subjects thanks so much for God will reward you,now I can take
    jamb form.Here is also his number if you need this kind of help or you want to upgrade yours as it was some one that also gave me his number +2349033255644


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