Schools That Accept Awaiting Result In Nigeria 2020 | University, Polytechnics and COE

 Schools That Accept Awaiting Result In Nigeria 2020 | University, Polytechnics and COE

Accept Awaiting result

Schools that accept awaiting result is the topic for today. Universities and Polythecnics that accept awaiting result are kind of rare and at the same time many... Do you want to know them? 

What school accepts awaiting results? 

Do you really want to know schools that accept awaiting result in Nigeria, well that's basically the reason for this post. 

Can a federal University accept awaiting results? 

Yes, they can... Technically all Federal Universities accept awaiting results, but it all depends on the deadline the school gives. 

Can a Polythecnic accept awaiting results? 

Yes, a Polythecnic can accept awaiting result, it depends on the institution though. 

I see questions like this over and over again 

Now let's dive straight to the point.. 

What's the meaning of awaiting results? 

Awaiting Result simply means a result that isn't ready. How do I mean? 

It could be an exam that has been written or an exam that is yet to be written. 

Does jamb accept awaiting result?

Yes and No! Jamb accepts awaiting result for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) but at the stage after the UTME results(how to check jamb result) is out, you'll need to upload your results on Jamb Caps to get admitted. 

See :how to check o'level result on caps 

How can I upload awaiting result?

All you need to do is visit the Jamb portal at and login with your Jamb profile username and password. Continue reading if you do not see any option to upload your awaiting result. The process is also the same for those using two sittings.

Just go to the nearest Jamb cbt centre to get it down, it's around N700 only. 

What you must know about awaiting results for admission in 2020

Schools that accept awaiting result

Direct Entry Candidates Applying With Awaiting Results (AR): What You Must Know

If not, or you decide to come back to that, let’s look into this further and see how using it works for admissions into the universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, or any other higher institutions.

All Higher Institutions are Accepting Awaiting Results



For real? 

All aspirants now seek admissions into any higher institution in Nigeria through JAMB. The exams and matriculation board allows all their UTME takers to use awaiting results during the JAMB UTME/DE registrations. Though such a result must be provided, eventually, before applicants can be offered a spaces in schools.

New Admission Process Doesn't Accept Awaiting Results

JAMB now administers admission together with all schools. Hence, what matters to your university, polytechnic or college is to receive admission lists from JAMB. Schools recommends you to those JAMB based on your performance in UTME score, post UTME score or screening performace. JAMB the check to see if you have the required O'level results for the proposed course before you can be offered the admssion.

The process above is called JAMB CAPS.

see : how to check admission status on Jamb Caps 

Therefore, JAMB won’t accept the admssion proposal for candidates without SSCE results. Hence, if you use awaiting results during UTME till the admission time, you won’t be offered admission unless your result is with JAMB.

So what do you do? How to give the result back to JAMB before the admission exercise?

JAMB Instructs all Awaiting results candidates to upload it

Even though JAMB (for all schools) accepts awaiting results, they won’t offer you admission based on this. You’re to return to the nearest accredited CBT centre and upload it to the JAMB platform as soon as the result is released and your required subjects/grades are met.


How to check o'level result on caps 

Change of course or institution guide 

No admission is given yet, see why

I must reveal to you that ;All schools actually accept awaiting result candidate for admission into the various courses but limitations to this avail to a deadline being set for the candidates to upload their O’Level result.  

I have seen students saying if you are going to study Medicine and Surgery, Computer Science or Mass Communication and Accounting, you won’t be admitted because of awaiting result.

This in most cases isn’t true and irrespective of your JAMB sore or O’Level result, you can still apply for admission into any Federal or state universities of your choice and still be given admission.                                                


Does ESUT Accept Awaiting Result 

Does Fuoye accept awaiting results 

Facts about schools that accept awaiting results 

  • After your O’Level have been released, you then will have to go back your JAMB registration center or anyone near you and tell them you want to upload your O’level credentials.

  • As soon as you’re done uploading your WAEC/ NECO result to JAMB Portal, you are definitely good to go.

  • All schools in Nigeria accept aspirants using awaiting result during their registration. All you have to do to be safe is to upload your O’level result at a JAMB registration portal to JAMB efacility portal.

  • Have any question or want to make inquiries about how to use awaiting result? We will love to hear from you. 

List of Schools that accept awaiting result 

 Universities that accept awaiting result 




University of Maiduguri

Kogi State University

ABTI-American University

Most State Universities

All Private Universities

Some Federal Universities accepts awaiting results.

Polythecnics that accept awaiting result 

All State Polytechnics

Some Federal Polytechnics

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