How To Predict Jamb Questions in 2021 Utme| Another Jamb Trick


How To Predict Jamb Questions in 2021 Utme| Another Jamb Trick

Predict jamb questions

Is it possible to predict Jamb questions 2021 before the exam date…?


how does jamb set their questions?

You want to know how Jamb predict jamb questions right, this post will teach you how Jamb sets their questions.


does jamb set new questions

 Yes, Jamb sets new questions, of course they have something called the question bank.


how many questions do they set in Jamb?




is jamb difficult to pass

Jamb isn’t in anyway difficult to pass, read: secrets of passing Jamb


how do I succeed in jamb?

I won’t really attend to this right away, read:  how to score 250 and above in Jamb|Real Life Story



Jamb Trick

Believe it or not, the fact remains that you cannot know the answer to all the questions that will be set in Jamb 2021.

Instead of losing marks in the exam hall, there are strategies you can adopt to get questions you have no idea about correctly.




Now, you may be wondering, is it really possible for me to answer Jamb 2021 questions correctly when I am not sure about the answers? I will boldly answer yes.

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5 Ways To Predict Questions In Jamb 2021

  • Jamb Repeats Questions

More than ever before, Jamb questions are becoming increasingly easy and easy to predict….

Jamb repeats questions a lot, but the issue is you might not see more than one repeated question, while some one else can see up to 25 repeated questions..

So, what’s the way out?

Study past questions only like a week to the Jamb exam


Do you know that even in the exam, Jamb can repeat a question more than twice?

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  • Study Question Pattern of Previous Days

This will be very useful for you if you are your Jamb exam isn’t on the first day.


It’s always cool if your Jamb exam falls between the 2nd and the 4th day, after each Jamb exam, the questions that were asked are always leaked it to the public ….



This isn’t expo but an already attempted question, if you take note of the pattern and put it side by side with your Jamb past questions… You’ll successfully predict your Jamb questions.


It doesn’t work for everybody



  • Study Question Pattern of Previous Years

I’m sure that by now, everyone should have told you about this trick to predict Jamb questions, study past questions but don’t just study it, study the methods…


You will notice a kind of variation in the pattern of questions every 5 to 10 years, have you tried to study jamb past questions of 1978 to 1988, 1988 to 1998…. Around 2000 to 2005 there was another style…

2016 to 2020 definitely has to be another style….


And this is Jamb 2021, carefully study these variations to successfully predict Jamb questions in 2021.


  • Use of Jamb Syllabus

Have talked about this before, and I don’t think I will stop anytime soon. When you study Jamb syllabus, it does one major thing…


It helps you not to read amiss. With Jamb syllabus, your whole reading is centered around something not just reading haphazardly.



I really hope you get this point right.

Predict jamb questions


  • Use of Jamb Recommended Textbooks

This is the ultimate Jamb trick to predict Jamb questions in 2021, I’m telling you.


At the bottom of the Jamb syllabus for each subject, there is always a list of recommended textbooks relating to that subject, Listen. Jamb themselves have given you Jamb expo already.


Don’t sleep on it my friend, look for one way or the other to get those textbooks...


Now after getting those textbooks, don’t read it...


Lol. I’m serious don’t read it, look for the practice questions in those textbooks and solve them, I mean every single one of them. Its when you enter the Jamb exam hall that you will realize that you have answered the question already. The funny thing is, you wont even know when or where you answered it.



In conclusion, you don’t have to read hard for the 2021 Jamb, what you need to do is read smart.



Thank you for reading my post “How To Predict Jamb Questions in 2021 Utme| Another Jamb Trick”


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