Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 22

 Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 22


***Continued from last episode **

"Idiot, come and watch fess" Mc Haywhy said.. 

I walked towards them and everything I knew about the bible vanished... 

I was about to watch porn.. 

I looked at what they were watching and I saw something I didn't expect... 

Guys? What did I see??? 


What did I see??

I saw a familiar face...

"Ewa!" I screamed... Was I happy or sad? I don't even know

It was then I noticed that those idiots took turns to sleep with her...

"Shit so this stupid girl fucked them cos of money"

"Because of a car!!"

I was weak... I learnt a lesson at that moment...

Get money!!

"How you guys take do am?" I asked

"Iwo omo ase" Dotman said making everyone laugh


"Alaaye con join the club" Shege said..

Con join the club?

Hope my dream is not coming to pass..

Oh! Shit these guys used jazz!!?

"I'm not joining" I said sounding like a kid

"You think say we be cultists" Mc Haywhy said and they all started laughing..

"We are Certified Yahoo boys man" Leo finally said.

Shit, that explains a lot, the car, the TV.. The.... everything..

They got Ewa with money...

"Guys no problem, make we dey look am" I finally said

"Omo pe(a slang commonly used by yahoo boys to mean sharp guy or someone who has cashed out) " Dotman said smiling

I picked up my phone and entered WhatsApp..

What I saw shocked me 😂

"Guys ko necesstry na" I said smiling at those bad boys

"We don fulfill our promise" They all said together

(I hope these guys are not cultists sha).

The video of those idiots fucking Ewa was out and was already trending on people's WhatsApp statuses..

Only her face showed (why are ladies so stupid)..

Her moan gave me a hard on aswear... I started thinking of the day it will be my turn..

I entered my department WhatsApp group and that's what everyone was talking about..

One blogger in my department sent a link to the grp, at first I ignored it..

I looked at the title again and I saw "Fuoye Fresher is 2 days pregnant"

I clicked on the link and I saw "A fuoye fresher identified to be Makanjuola Ewatomi has been confirmed pregnant.. ...."

You need to have seen how I was laughing... Its pay back baby...

Few mins later... Another link entered group...

"Ewa the pregnant fresher tries to commit suicide by drinking sniper"

😂 This is the best day of my life mehn..

I walked towards my guys were they sat and prostrated flat..

"Guys thank you"

"Stand up!" they all said laughing..

I stood up and entered the kitchen. Mehn these guys cooked Beans (I love beans ehn)..

I packed some in my plate and entered the room to eat it,... As I was about to put a spoon in my mouth... Shege shouted... "Don't eat it!"

I was like, what's doing these guy...

"Guy is it because I'm staying in your house?"

"U no fit understand" he replied

"Leff am make hin chop am" Mc Haywhy said..

Yes I ate that food!

May you not eat food that will put you in trouble...

I wasn't the only one who ate the food, they all ate the food too, but few mins later I started feeling heat... I removed my cloth

I started feeling uneasy, I started jumping...

I was jumping, dancing, fighting with the wall...


Around 2 am I woke up and found my self inside the toilet...

I saw vomit stains allover the toilet bowl..

I couldn't explain what happened...

I tried opening the door of the toilet but it didn't open..

I knocked and knocked..

Finally Shege came and he opened the door...

"You don gather? " He asked

"Yes" I replied...

I just said yes, I didn't even know why..

I entered the main room only to see these guys busy with their laptops... They started laughing immediately they saw me..

I was confused

"So you neva take weed before Omo ase" Dotman said.


There was weed in that beans...

(kai... I learnt another huge lesson)

I watched porn, I took weed and I destroyed a girl's life, all in one day..

Lord Have Mercy..

I looked at those guys and I saw them smoking weed!

At that moment it dawned on me that these guys are not Cultists or Yahoo boys...

They are Marlians!


Who is your favourite character so far?

What's your favourite moment in the story?

I really want to see your comments in the comment box below.

I remain Undergragra 

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