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Will Fuoye Law and Fuoye  Pharmacy Aspirants Write Postutme 2020


I totally understand that a lot of you are confused about this, that’s why I wrote this

A rumour started going viral recently about the possibility of Fuoye Pharmacy Aspirants writing Postutme.... As at the time I wrote this post... (9th of November 2020)..Discard that news... 

Does Fuoye do postutme?

Right from the on set, Fuoye has never done postutme(shit! Did someone just slap me?)…

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In 2012,2013,2014,2015 and even 2016 the admission into Fuoye wa s so easy to the extent that, the school management would have to send students a personal text message that they have been admitted. I mean that’s fucking crazy mehn!  In 2017 when I tried Fuoye  for the first time…it was already late…read: how to gain admission into Fuoye with my personal story

The pic below shows the way students chose Fuoye in 2016 



So  technically I can say Fuoye doesn’t do postutme

But from the look of things they may start doing postutme soon…On a second thought, I don’t think Fuoye has that capacity for now. Cmon im not trying to diss my school or something…Im just stating facts

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Why does Fuoye not do postutme?

Fuoye doesn’t do postutme because  it wasn’t necessary not until…

In 2019/2020 session, Fuoye got accredited to take up Law as a course but ended up having issues with it…

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When they finally came round, school had already resumed but Law aspirants still had to join the session.

Fuoye then organized postutme, Fuoye shook the day over 15,000 applicants came for the postutme…

Let me stop here….



Will Fuoye Law Aspirants write postutme?

There is a very high probability of you guys writing postutme, so Ill strongly advise you to prepare for anything..  Ok now you are angry abi… You expected to see the answer…Do you kn ow Fuoye  may announce postutme today and decide not to do postutme again? Fuoye is undecided  for now…start reading little by little,no knowledge is a waste


 Fuoye Law Aspirants will definitely write postutme, that was just confirmed some minutes ago.


Fuoye law aspirants are no longer writing Postutme.. 
Rejoice fam


Fuoye Law Aspirants

How was Fuoye law postutme last year?

The exam wasn’t that cool from the reports I heard, Imagine like 15k+ students going for a course and the school is to admit only like 100…that’s just 0.6% of the aspirants….

More information about these coming soon…I don’t have all the answers but being a Fuoye student,I have a lot of resources in my disposal.. keep visiting undergragra.com.ng

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How many questions did they ask in Fuoye law postutme ?

From what I heard its 50 questions, it covers the 4 subjects written in Jamb

Since fuoye law aspirants will be writing Postutme, I'll try to get you guys some past questions they used last year. 



Will Fuoye pharmacy  aspirants write postutme ?

For now No! 

Most likely,Fuoye pharmacy aspirants may write postutme..

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If you guys will be writing postutme, Ill strongly advise you to study the 4 subjects you did in Jamb..

You will hate me for the next thing Im about to say,

If your screening  point is low and you are applying for pharmacy (If you have less than 60…change your course please)

Start reading little by little….but I have a feeling  they may not do postutme




What is the  Fuoye Jamb cutoff for Law and Fuoye  Jamb cutoff for Pharmacy 2020

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Initially the cutoff was 220 but now the fuoye official cutoff for Pharmacy and Law is 220!

If your score is low and you are going for a competitive  course like  Pharmacy,Law and Accounting….I repeat change your course..

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Join my newly created  Facebook group for Fuoye aspirants.. A  seminar is coming soon..guys this will be better than the one we did on Whatsapp


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