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Latest News For Fuoye Aspirants

Fuoye screening  has been extended till the 31st of October.. 
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Thursday 17th September 2020 Fuoye aspirants latest news

Did you receive that message from Fuoye? Please read

Be reminded that you are to effect change of Instittion/Course on JAMB CAPs
Note,without this, we will not be able to process your admission into FUOYE.

If you got that message above there are 2 things involved..

  • You applied for Fuoye using the new applicants form i.e you applied for Fuoye without picking them as 1st choice
  • You applied for Fuoye but you changed your course on Fuoye portal but not on Jamb Portal

Read : step by step guide for change of course or institution 

What's the way out 

  • If you didn't choose Fuoye as 1st choice please go to the nearest cbt centre to change it to 1st choice
  • If you have changed on Jamb portal, go back to check if it has reflected on Jamb portal
  • If you have changed your course on Fuoye portal, you are wrong... Change it on Jamb portal before admission process starts
  • If you have changed your course on Jamb and Fuoye portal, please check and confirm.

If you have successfully changed your course/Institution on Jamb portal and it has reflected..
Relax 😉 

What is the latest news for Fuoye aspirants? Well this writeup is basically for all fuoye aspirants out there. 

What'sup Aspirants, how is the lockdown going?
Well, I'm here today to talk about somethings you may not know and you just have to know..
On this post I'll be talking about the Fuoye Screening.

Does Fuoye do Postutme/Screening?

Fuoye does Screening not Postutme 

What's the screening all about?

The screening is just a method that began in 2017. Your olevel and Jamb results are calculated to give a sum of 100 points. The higher the point the better... 

You will not be required to go to the school at any point until you get admitted. 

Will Law Aspirants do Postutme or Screening?

Law ans Pharmacy aspirants will most likely do postutme... Why? On their registration slip... Fuoye mentioned something about the possibility of an exam 

With the screening point of 60,will I be admitted? 

Hello! No one.... I repeat no one! Can tell you if you will get admitted we can only speculate... Admission is crazy and risky.. 

Can I gain admission into fuoye with less than 50 points? 

Its very risky... Honestly... Except you know how to play your cards well. 

Some people obviously have higher chances of getting admission compared to others.. 

But do you know you might loose admission for something stupid? 

When will Fuoye Screening/Postutme form be out? 

Last year, Fuoye screening form was out immediately after 1st semester exam, that's was late June and July 1st the screening started.. 

But this year, .it finally came out on the he 1st of August 2020 and was to close on the 15th of August... 

It has been extended till the 31st of August.. 30th of September . . 

Please!! There is a screening cutoff for all Courses... Thats obvious!! But Fuoye has never released it.. 

They only release the Jamb cutoff.. Please dont be deceived by the cutoff points you see everywhere. 

Have you heard that Fuoye now has Pharmacy?

If you know anyone who wants to go Pharmacy..
Pls let them do change of course or institution ASAP..

Beware of Scammers... That business is trending now 😂 and They will come like they really care... Immediately some one tells you to give him money for admission.... 🏃 Run

As you await admission, please endeavour to get busy with something...

It will really help you a lot after you gain admission..

Blogging did it for me 😉.. What's yours? 

A lot of Fuoye Aspirants have been asking me, "how does Fuoye look like? 

Its based on a little about my experience as a fresher and I practically described top places in Fuoye..

I'm still working on a post where I'll get the pics of all important places in Fuoye

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If you have further questions... Oya drop a comment 
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