Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 15

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 15

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode

**continued from last episode **
After a while these people started running 🏃towards us with speed... 
(omo you know wetin come my mind? Kidnappers! Ritualists!) 
Guess what?
We started running too.. (me wey I no sabi run... Omo I ran oo 😂)
Who were this people?
Before I knew it we met another set of torches at our front... 😂 (Have you watched those movies where people get surrounded by their enemies 😂)
At this moment I quietly started saying my last prayers and started wishing I could speak in tongues 😂
"Guys chill" A voice shouted from behind... He was obviously gaping for air..
They were students too 😂 Freshers like us 😂
What spoilt the show was.. We were all guys... That would been a perfect time for hookup...
Guys as at this time I couldn't feel my legs again... I don weak 😂..
Agidi came to the back where I was (I couldnt move fast again.. I jus dey watch the idiots)
"Guy wetin happen na... Boti (Boti is a name they call kids of the rich.. such kids are believed to be weak")
"Peele" I replied
I managed to walk a little faster and I caught up with others, Agidi then explained to others why he slowed down to get me...
He said while he and his gang had a fight with a neighbouring school.. He lost one of this friends while they were running because he left him behind...
Omo from that day ehn... I got scared of Agidi oo 😂
Well we finally got to class and some abnormal set of people were already in class...
Like I don't just get it.. After a few minutes.. Hostel people started trooping in..(meaning that those guys we met as soon as we entered were not in the hostel)
We chose a good sit for ourselves in the middle of the class, the 3rd row..
Mhen we felt really good... 
Time flew so fast and the lecturer was already in class.. The class was like a revision for me cos I was a die hard fan of Chemistry... It was then I realised guys hated Chemistry.. 
Engineering boys are stubborn 😂... We frustrated the lecturer ehn... (Agric boys are chickens 😂 I'm just kidding) 
Due to the fact that I understood Chemistry I started explaining to guys around and I unintentionally caught the attention of a lady.. 
Well I tried my best not to look back cos she sat behind me, then she said "Jay, your note pls" 
For the first 2 seconds I was like "How on earth did she know my name?" 
Everyone calls me red card for Christ sake! 
I picked up my book only to see her... The lady I sat with in class the other day.. 
"Shoot your shot" Meedo whispered to my hear... 
To cut the long story short, the class was over and... The girl and I were going out of ELT (Engineering Lecture Theatre) together.. 
"What's your name please?" I asked in the sweetest way... 
"Pearl" she replied.. 
"That name's kind of Umm.. suitable for a lady like you" (Have you heard me talk with a lady? That's when the Oyinbo English I've learnt from movies come out... And I'm really good) 
"Thanks" she said looking down.. 
The once cold weather was getting hot and I was literally getting hot... 
I held her hands as we walked.. God they were so tender.. I could tell she was a rich kid.. 
She looked up to me and smiled softly and mehn my dry jokes started making her laugh... 
(God help me! Those soft chuckles were turning me on) 
She would occasionally laugh and hit me on my chest playfully and once I hit her chest too(omo I don see girlfriend I said to myself) 
We got to minimart and I got something for her, she first declined but later accepted sha.. 
She told me to get something for my self... "Na I ate before coming this morning" 
"For Food Only" she said smiling.. 
(I'm going to know this babe's house today I said to myself) 
😢 💔 Let me start crying... 
Do you want to know why Im crying.. 
Anticipate Episode 16
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How is the story going? What do you hate or like? 
Who Re your favourite characters?
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  1. I love this story I couldn't stop laughing aswears😂

  2. I don drop comment oo. But seriously. I want to k kw how it ended in tears💔😂 I joss dey love this kind story😋

    1. Lol.. Just be patient.. I want to take my time to write the story

  3. E go sweet. I know say e go soon end in tears. 💔😂😋 I joss they love this kind story


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