Fuoye Media Football Tournament by Fuoye Campus Tv

Fuoye Media Football Tournament by Fuoye Campus Tv

Fuoye Media Football Tournament

 Do you love football? Are you angry with how football isn't celebrated in Fuoye?

*This is for you ☺️☺️☺️*

Fuoye has been lacking in so many aspects, starting from social life to sports... The only thing we are probably good at is Book! 😂 
After a lot of thoughts on this issue, Lord Vicky the CEO of Fuoye Campus Tv thought of a way he could bring life to the sports life in Fuoye.. 
Do you know that Lord Vicky is a football freak 😂? 
With the help of other members of the team most especially the Sports director of the Fuoye campus TV, Ayodeji (HardVize). 
This idea is superb but can only be brought to life when people participate. 
Let's do this Fuoye! 💥💥💥 

Why Should you Participate in the Fuoye Media Football Tournament?

Like I said before...if you really love football you will see a thousand and one reasons to participate. 
You don't necessarily have to be super good. You can be a REFEREE, COACH & LINESMEN
This football tournament will help you try new things. 
We have been reading and reading and how has it profited us? 
Think about that. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
What about if people start saying you are no longer serious with your books? 
Taarh! People will always talk.. Aren't you tired of seeing your talent waste? 
Is Football still your dream? Be a part of this tournament asap
How can I join?
Very easy! The Form for interested players will be released soon by Media Of Fuoye, all you have to do is get yourself registered under your desired Media...

Other information about this tournament will be passed across very soon.
You won't regret this..

Best Regards
Sports Unit, FCTV

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