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How to calculate Fuoye screening point, Things to know about Fuoye Screening

Calculate fuoye screening point

This post will explain how to calculate fuoye screening point or aggregate score and I'll give further updates on how fuoye screening looks like  By now, I'm sure you know that Fuoye does Screening and not postutme.. And this post is all about Fuoye screening

When will Fuoye screening form be out? 
Very soon 

Frequently asked questions about Fuoye Screening 

Fuoye screening point

Questions like is Fuoye doing post utme? And so on will be answered here

Please note, in order to make this things easy to understand I'll try my best to talk about my personal experience. Grab a drink and relax, all your questions will be answered here

So let me clear your doubts and stop asking "will Fuoye do postutme or screening?"

But now there is a bigger question, "Will Law Students Do Postutme/Screening?"

The truth is,no one knows for now and the school board still has to have a meeting concerning that.


Law as a course is still a new course in Fuoye and only one set has been admitted recently.

They even got admitted after the normal admission process had ended.

But before that.. Let me answer a few questions... I think I've posted this on a Facebook group before, (I'll explain better here)

Does Fuoye accept Second choice?


How much is Fuoye School fee?

Around 100k

What's Fuoye cut off mark?

Depends on your course. The cutoff starts from 150 for education courses.

Then 160, then 170 for agric,etc

Will Fuoye do Postutme/ Screening?

Fuoye has always done screening, the Screening is just calculation of your Jamb and olevel result to make 100%

Does Fuoye accept awaiting result?

Yes of course, but the issue is...your result must be out before the screening closes.

How much is school hostel?

Around 50k

How much is hostel off campus?

Starts from around 35k, depending on the quality

Is Fuoye Competitive?

No ...

Don't bite me o 😂

compared to schools like Unilorin, UI and other Ivy schools.

honest truth is , Fuoye is actually too competitive for its age.

Since 2017, Fuoye has been receiving a high number of applicants owing to the fact that no exam is done

What are the competitive courses in Fuoye?

Competitive courses in Fuoye

  • Microbiology
  • Law
  • All engineering courses
  • Economics and Development Studies
  • English and Literary Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science


Less competitive courses are

  • Majorly all education courses
  • Languages


Is Fuoye a good school?

Of course it is, infact for its age.. Fuoye is just too good

Pls read 5 reasons to chose Fuoye

5 reasons not to choose Fuoye

How many students are in Fuoye?

About 17 students according to the VC..

Hope you know Fuoye has two campuses actually 4!

One at Oye,the other at Ikole... I rep Ikole 😎

Fuoye Ikole Campus

Ikole is for engineering and agriculture students.

The remaining 5 to 6 Faculties is at Oye.. (that's where life and fun is 😂)

I love my school..

If I dont, who will

Fuoye admission requirements

All you need is, 5 olevel credits in your important subjects... I don't think Fuoye has age limit yet... You need to see some babies in school.. Just meet the cutoff

Fuoye Acceptance fee

Last time I checked it was #50k

40k acceptance fee, 10k clearance fee

For law students it was #75k

Please note: The acceptance fee changes like price of petrol 😂

Difference between postutme and Screening

How to calculate fuoye screening point

What is Postutme? What is Screening?

The thing called Screening started in 2016 after the Federal government felt universities were extorting students with the price of post Utme form. It was so terrible that they scrapped post Utme at that time. It was them, screening came into existence.

By 2017, the federal government reversed their decree and schools could continue with their postutme but they lessened the form fee. Even after this, some schools contined using the screening as a method of admitting students..e.g Fuoye

But if we are to check the differemce between Postutme and Screening, they are basically the same thing but in Nigeria....

Postutme means an exam will be written..

Most times they use your Jamb Subjects to select questions for you. Every school has their different method.

In 2016 when postutme was banned, some schools still did exam 😂

E.g Oou..

Some schools that always do postutme

  • Oau
  • UI
  • OOU


A post is coming up soon about universities that do postutme

While screening means no exam will be written

There are two types of screening

Online - Now I'm be talking from experience here.. (watch out for a new post "Fuoye admission secrets no one has told you)

As a matter of fact I tried Fuoye twice and it was totally online, all Fuoye request from you is your olevel (waec/neco/nabteb) and Jamb.

For DE students all they request is for your results in either Jupeb/Ijmb or the polytechnic..

Did you know Fuoye does HND to BSC conversion?

Interview /Offline

I also passed through this, 2016 was the year of course and I chose Futa that year, this offline screening is also on two forms, in Futa that year, all we did was tell them our olevel results.. But although I think there was a year Lautech used this method and Fuoye aslo did back in the days when they didn't have many students.

The interview method can be kind of scary.. Lol. They ask you some really weird questions like "why dd you pck this school?"

If there is any school planning to use this style we will inform you.

How to calculate your fuoye screening point or aggregate score 

How to calculate fuoye screening point

Calculating Fuoye aggregate score can be very confusing if you don't know what to do.. 

The steps are simple 

Note this first 


A1 = 6 points

B2 = 5 points

B3 = 4 points

C4 = 3 points

C5 = 2 points

C6 = 1 point

D7 and below isn't acceptable at all

You can only use 5 subjects that are relevant for your course 

One sitting is 10 points

Two sittings is 6points

Fuoye Post Utme Admission Screening Grading system for Direct Entry

For Polythecnic or otehr colleges

1st Class/Distribution/Excellence = 60 point

2nd Class/Upper Credit/Credit = 40 point

For Jupeb/Alevels/Ijmb students going for Fuoye postutme screening 

10 points is equivalent to 1st class - 60 points 

9 points and below - 40 points 

If you did Jupeb in Fuoye you will get 2 points bonus. 

Fuoye Aggregate Score Breakdown

How to calculate fuoye aggregate score
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UTME Ratio: 60%

O'level Ratio: 30%

Sittings Ratio: 10%

Overall Total: 100%

How can you calculate fuoye post utme screening point 

Let's say undergragra is using Jamb, this is how to calculate it

So Undergragra had a1in 1 subject, c4 in 3 subjects and c6 in 1 subject..And I was using 1 sitting

1 A1 = 1 x6 =6mks

3 C4 = 3 x 3= 9mks

1 C6 = 1x1= 1mk

1 sitting = 10

6+9+1+10 = 26/40

Remember Jamb is over 60…

Let us calculate it together

Jamb score/400 x 60

So with 227, 227/400 x 60 = 34.05

34.05 + 26 = 60.05

That's 60.05/100 that's my fuoye postutme screening aggregate score... 

Now If I used direct entry. That means I won't be using Jamb

This is how to calculate your aggregate score 

So Undergragra had c4 in 4 subjects and c6 in 1 subject..And I was using 1 sitting

4  C4 = 4 x 3= 12mks

1 C6 = 1x1= 1mk

1 sitting = 10

12+1+10 = 23/40

Remember Jamb is over 60

Now I have 2nd class in Polythecnic or 9 points in Jupeb, that will be 40 points 

23 + 40 = 63 points 

That's how to calculate your fuoye screening point 

If you still need further explanation or details let me know 

Fuoye Post Utme Screening cut off mark/point

Do you want to hear the truth?

  • Fuoye has never released screening cutoff mark before, all they've ever released is Jamb Cutoff.. 
  • Now according to my observation, very competitive courses have a cutoff mark of around 60 - 63(i have a feeling its 63)
  • And for less competive it's starts from 57 then 55 and downwards...
  • First batch always has the highest cutoff, by second batch, the cutoff drops..

Ensure you read my upcoming post "Fuoye admission secrets no one will tell you"

There are so many fuoye screening cutoff marks out there but none is actually verified or authentic, you have see some and you will see more. As Fuoye screening draws closer, Scammers will arise from everywhere, they'll act like sheeps but they are actually wolfs. They are simply green snakes under green grass. Please if you see them.. Do me a favour... Run! 

Have you seen any, you can drop your comments about your experience in the comment box 

How to register for Fuoye screening

Register for Fuoye screening

Yeah, I know you are tensed right now.. Lol.

I will soon make a very extensive post on this.. 

As at the time I'm writing this post, the Fuoye screening isnt out yet... I think I've written a post about this sef.. But let's do this.

Look, if you can follow my steps you won't have any problems and you won't have to go to a cyber cafe to help you do it..

(Anyways if you still need it done for you at a cheaper price, give me a call or WhatsApp on 08093418071.. My rates are very affordable)

If you want to do it on your own, let me gieb you the details now(later on,I will add pictures to make it easier)

Equipment or Apparatus 😂

  • A good Internet connection (phone or laptop)
  • Atm card (preferably Master card)
  • Olevel Scratch card

And mehn you need to calm down

Step 1

open https://ecampus.fuoye.edu.ng/putme/

Then login with your jamb registration no

(Pls oop! Fuoye only accepts 1st choice students and if you recently changed institution to Fuoye don't panic if your login isn't accepted)

Step 2

After logging in with your registration no, you will make a payment..

Most times it is #2500 but.. Fuoye will first put #5000 for like 2 days 😂 Fuoye likes #5000.. Stalites will understand..

Don't be in a hurry to register, you are tensed... Trust me I totally understand...

I tried Fuoye twice mahn!

Now the people who register for the first 3 days will experience problems 😂 it's normal but you will learn from their errors..

How to pay for Fuoye post utme 

How to calculate fuoye screening point

After logging in, you will see a circle where you are to pay with a credit card..

Listen just fill in everything you are asked to fill..

(its preferable you use a master card instead of verve pls)

(I will make a more detailed explanation on this soon)

Step 3

After payment, you will be redirected back to the school's portal..

😂 At this point many people have issue again... Ma forr 😂..

If your status is showing not paid... Do the process of paying again, the payment will revalidate..

On the school's portal you will have to fill some important details like.

Your scratch card details

Your five important olevel subjects..

(After a while your screening point will be released)


Don't stress yourself about this, any time they like they can release it, just make sure you input the right details...

After you input the details you are done 😂

Those Cyber Cafe guys will collect like #1500 for that..

Can you imagine 😂

I remember my first time trying Fuoye... I wish I knew someone who could put me through. I had issues in the payment part

The atm card has 16 numbers at the front, I was inputing 12... 😢 💔 It was a painful experience..

I entered the cyber cafe and they did it... And they collected #1500 😭

Well when I tried the second time, I had more than enough experience, infact I did it for people..😎


If you have issues contact me...

Some sites you can visit to get correct news about Fuoye Screening and so on




4. Smilegistng.com

5. fuoyenews.com.ng

6 heliotgists.com

7 😎 Undergragra.com.ng

8. Ddrlng.com


When will Fuoye postutme be out?

How to calculate fuoye post utme

Hmmm. Normally Fuoye releases their form between July and August...

Last year, Fuoye blew my mind, the form was out by July 1!!

But this year, with Corona Virus (COVID-19) hmm..

The pandemic has slowed down a lot of things, this time last year we were preparing for 1st semester exam and last year was slow ooo. 

Now we haven't gotten to half of 1st semester yet.. 

Just relax and you will get admitted... Ensure you always ask questions and never be in a hurry to make decisions 

I hope I tried on this post, please use the comment box below to ask your questions and anything at all.... 

Don't forget to use the comment box it means a lot to me.. 

Please share this post if you think its worth sharing... Save a friend 

I always reply mesages ASAP..

Well that's all you need to know about Fuoye Screening /Postutme.. 

You know I love you guys right 😂

I remain Ace



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  2. When will fuoue form be out

    1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,it's difficult to predict.
      Fuoye screening /putme form comes out between July and August

    2. Last year the form was out before July and screening started July 1st

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  4. Nd I was so in need of dis
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