The Battle! Unilag Vs Unilorin ...You can only pick one

This is the first time we will be having this kind of discussion. We have two top schools in Nigeria.  Unilag Vs Unilorin

We will be looking at the good and the bad sides of this great schools and we will love you to choose one.
Please try your best not to be bias ,we are not doing this to start a conflict.
The University of Lagos, Akoka has many good sides to it, one of which is its location in a bubbly part of Lagos state. Now, let’s quickly look at the good sides and the bad side.

It’s true that the location of the school (Of course, it has to be in Lagos… It’s called the University of Lagos for a reason) is a huge advantage for its students, making possibilities for opportunities, exposure, and a very vibrant social life.

The Alumni
One of the reference points UNILAG students mention quickly is the quality of its alumni. Many famous people in Nigeria are graduates of UNILAG. The list of prominent people who attended UNILAG is endless.

The Bad Side

Moral Bankruptcy
I honestly tried to think of a word (or phrase) that puts the following sets of people in one corner: Cultists, ‘runs girls’, Internet fraudsters, and almost anyone living on the wrong idea of a ‘fast life’ – The phrase I came up with is Moral Bankruptcy.

UNILAG has had its share of negative publicity based on several bad things that have happened on its campus, often caused by the morally bankrupt students, and it’s funny how it seems (Keyword being ‘seems’) like half the students fall into this category.

So, this is another great school in Nigeria with equally great academic excellence. UNILORIN prides herself as a school moving to break bounds. From her motto: Probitas Doctrina, which is Latin for “Better by far.”

Now let’s look at the good sides and the bad side.

Academically Oriented
Everyone in Nigeria knows about the ‘great striking’ issues that is with ASUU. While this affects more than half of our federal universities and state universities, UNILORIN is exempted. UNILORIN puts her students first (among many other things though, we’ll get to that soon), The University of Ilorin is one of the foremost universities in the sub-Saharan African with an uninterrupted academic programme for over 16 years. #fact

High Moral Standard
I know that the issue of morality is slowly becoming debatable as a matter of subjectivity, but the importance of having young people who are morally disciplined will never be a case to throw under the rug. The University of Ilorin has over the years invested in moral upbringing of her students which I think is a good thing.

 The Bad Side

Too Many Restrictions
While it’s important to groom fine young men and women to join the labour force morally sound and active, It is also important to give room for experiences and a taste of freedom. The university is among the very few universities with a dress code and a long list of dos and don’ts, making it seem nothing less than a secondary school.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, it’s time for you to choose… Which school would you save if we imagine the federal government wants to stop funding one and spend more on the other?

Which is better between Unilag and Unilorin?
Let's know through your comments

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