Universities with most beautiful girls in Nigeria

Top 1O Universities with most beautiful girls in Nigeria

Before I proceed I need to let you know that this list was carefully arranged over time not just something some idiot blogger decided to post. I hope this post answers your questions about universities with most beautiful girls in Nigeria.
Please note that this late is subject to change from time to time, although I don’t see the list changing any time soon.
10. Oau/UI
9.    ABU
8     Uniport
7.    Uniabuja
6.    Noun
 Let me give you a little suspense, or better still you can skip to the end of this post

10. OAU/UI
        Oau , Obafemi  Awolowo  University aka Oba Awon University and UI,University of Ibadan aka The Premier University are two enemies who are close friends, really ironic right?They compete in virtually everything, starting from the landmass,to the number of intellectual students or inventors and of course the number of beautiful ladies. These two schools consists of the largest number of intelligient and most beautiful girls in Nigeria right now. If you want to argue with me you can use the comment box. Trust me I’m waiting….
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9. Abu Zaria. - Ahmadu  Bello University is like the  best  university in the north, if you are looking for extremely beautiful Fulani or Hausa ladies, Abu Zaria is where you can find them. Like this girls are always super cute  but the sad thing is , majority of them are bethrothed to someone already. So if you are in that school,your egun gun has to be careful or else motor go jam am..lol
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8.University  of Portharcourt-  Uniport! Are you honestly looking  for the most beautiful girls in Nigeria? Say Hi to Uniport the home  of beautiful ladies(let me not lie oo, I think these south east and south south girls are the prettiest girls in Nigeria)
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7. University of Abuja-  University Abuja is another school in the North with beautiful girls in Nigeria, the only difference between the girls here and that of Abu  Zaria is exposure and these ladies are not bethrothed. But be careful oooo, they carry STDs.. No offense pls, I don’t mean all of them though
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6.Noun- There are several National Open Universities (NOUN) scattered all over the country but one thing is sure, they have the most mature and most beautiful girls in nigerian universities. I can say this anywhere, anytime. You need that mature lady? Go to Noun, although these days some children are beginning to enter that school .
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5.Uniben-  WARRI! The ladies that fly without the use of aeroplanes ,jets or choppers..lol. University of Benin is one solid school housing different kind of ladies,the good the bad and the ugly and of course the most beautiful girls in Nigerian Universities
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4. Unilag- Everyone wants to go to Lagos because it’s the centre of everything Nigeria, if you have never been to Lagos then you aren’t in Nigeria . Some people will feel like slapping me right now cos they expect Unilag  to be number one. Unilag has so many beautiful girls but they don’t deserve number one.
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3 CU- Finally a private university enters the list,Covenant University is like the dopest private university right now beating schools like Abuad, Bowen, Babcock, Run etc. The other schools listed have beautiful ladies , but to me , the most beautiful girls in nigeria with cash on this list is Convenant University followed by Oau/UI
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2. Lasu- Lagos State University has beautiful ladies infact majority of our beautiful celebrities (ladies) finished from that school .Dont bite me o, if there is any school that deserves  this spot then its Lasu, now I am starting to feel like Yabatech should be on this list
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1.Imsu-  Imo State University is the school with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.This school ehn! Lemme nor talk…. (I am not actually talking , I am typing)If you reach this school you’ll think you are in heaven, why? Angels everywhere lol ……… Igbo girls are the most beautiful in Nigeria, you can bite my head (I’m a Yoruba guy).
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Thank you so much for reading this post, I really appreciate it.     Please use the comment box. I Feel like arguing with someone lol…
I am Ace


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