List of universities that connections and money run

To be honest all most universities if not all require connections and money to run.
Well I hope I don't end up stepping on some people's toes after this post.
This post is based on a nairalander's personal experience and I decided to put it on my blog.
Below is a list of Universities that require connection and money to run.
LAUTECH: I was at Ogbomoso some seven years ago for Predegree. When admission time came I began seeing different funny things at the students affairs, because that's where the office of the admissions officer is located. You see several vehicles littered across the car lot that caters for the students affairs building. Pot-bellied lecturers going in and out. Students milling around in their numbers.
I saw deserving students even of Oyo and Osun origin shuffled to funny departments that had no correlation whatsoever with what they applied for from the onset
I myself was offered crop and environmental protection in lieu of Medicine, when I complained the admissions officer told me blankly "Go and study Medicine in your father's state (Ondo)". I knew someone who applied for Medicine and was offered Fine and Applied art.
People getting whisked from Computer engineering to Accounting Technology, Marketing and Transport Management. While some students who, if their scores were subtracted from mine, there would still be more than 100 difference got in for Medicine, Nursing and MLS.
LAUTECH was so porous (I don't know about now). I even helped a friend who failed his test that time. I knew one of the student leaders at that time, I explained, he told me to bring 20/25k, (I can't remember which) for upgrade. When the results and admission was released, my guy did well and was even offered Human Anatomy.
UNIJOS: I considered applying here for Dental Surgery but had to take two steps back when I started observing irregularities in their admissions process; I followed UNIJOS aspirants page on Facebook. I saw several people who merited the courses they applied for being offered something totally different. It's bewildering, really.
I have this colleague in Medicine who came from Jos to ABU. He was offered LARIS (Library and Archival Studies) in place of Medicine. Funny enough, a friend of his who he scored more than got Medicine. That school's modalities still baffles me, a lot.
ABU: ABU also has her own fair share of illogicalities, several if you asked me. How else, would one explain why someone with 250 average got Medicine and someone with 286 average was offered Physiology(with connection; I learnt about this much later). Moving a dude I know from Nursing all the way to Home Economics.
ABU also has SBRS (School of Basic and Remedial studies) students (from the 19 Northern states) to satisfy. It's complicated, honestly.
"You have to score the highest from your non-catchment state to be eligible for competitive courses", that statement only but goes so far.
I would say ABU is a matter of God's grace. A friend told me to, quoting him, "Make sure you know somebody. You know those Northerners are always against Southerners blah, blah, blah". Well, I got in on the first list. I knew only God.
UNILAG:At Akoka, people pay millions to get into Medicine/Dental Surgery. Their admissions cut off mark list is more or less them fulfilling "Social righteousness" so to say. Sure, some people would get in on merit, but how many? Is it with their style of Post UTME that seems the devil himself descended to design the model?.Infact, I quizzed a friend who studies Medicine there now on how he prepared for their PUTME. He told me he had to buy a JAMB Government past question and several types of Current affairs pamphlets just to ace their exam. Laudable effort, I agree. However, can you just imagine?
How about their Foundation/Diploma students? You know how much they pay? And there one is, spending at most N10,000(including registration in cafes for UTME and PUTME). One can't possibly expect them to admit one over them.
I have a neighbor whose father had to part with N700,000 for him to get a space in Law. On transit to 200L, I think they reviewed his results and found him missing Yoruba, he losed his admission. Baba took the UTME again and is currently in part 3 studying English Language. UNILAG is money and connection for the most part, if one has any of those, one is by all means good to go.
LASU: A friend's friend(who comes from Ogun State) applied there for Medicine some two years ago and heard nothing from that school up till date. He had 300+ at that time. Today, that fellow is now at Usman Danfodio university, Sokoto studying Medicine.
UI: university of Ibadan is by far the most transparent federal university in Nigeria. If you merit your admission, there's no witch or villager that would usurp what the almighty has perfected.
However, the competition. It is at UI you see Olympiad winners, best Students at NECO and WAEC, people who have experience with A-Levels. This is where majority of them come. However, this is not to scare you, if it's Dental Surgery/Medicine at UI you want, you can by all means get it.
Now, only a few persons know UI past questions get leaked. How else can one explain a person scoring 92 in UI Post UTME. You can't just up and achieve that feat, it's the university of Ibadan.

I have a hunch those tutorial guys(Team tutors, Abadina; Apex Tutorials, Agbowo, et al.) have these questions. How do they get them? When their students go in for the PUTME, they tell them to memorize some of these questions, see, simple.
When it's time for their PUTME tutorials, I'd advice you be on campus for them, it would go a long way.
Also, the covertly aspect is this. Some students are given a sort of edge; a back door. If they fall couple of marks below the cut off mark, they are given a sort of waiver, provided the student is an offspring of and has thesame surname as a senior staff such as a Professor. I got to know about this at the UI UG-Admissions office last year when I went on enquiry for a friend.
Conclusively, all of these I have written are not an hallmark or a sort of yardstick and should not be regarded as one.
I do not know the innings of things that occur in various admissions offices across universities in Nigeria, all of the above are guesstimates.


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