Things to do before leaving school

What you must do before leaving school

Why are you in school? I can hear someone scream "To learn!". Are you in school to learn or because you need to make money. Before leaving school, I have listed 10 things you must take note of
Fine we are in school to learn how to make money but.... Are you going to use your certificate?
With the rate at which fresh graduates are increasing, I'm scared..
No jobs, so your certificate is basically useless! Just like having so much money but there is no food to buy..
"Go to school to be educated and not to be schooled"
Shall we begin


"Your life will be meaningless until you plug into the right socket" - Temiwhite
Before leaving school the first thing you must do is connect!
Connection is key! Dont just pass through the school, let the school pass through you. the above quote was made by one of the guys I look up to in school when we had a discussion.. The words basically flew out of his mouth.. But it made sense! It hit!
What do you do? Do you have a handwork or something you do easily and others find so difficult to do? Showcase your self and let the world know you. It's not about the no of A's you get in that philosophy class or in Engineering maths, on the long run you will realise that what matters is how muck connection you have made
Pttf! Why are you in school if not to get your degree,as much as you connect, you still have to connect with your books. A good grade adds to your CV(Curriculum Vitae). Don't joke with your books. I feel like someone is trying to use my words against me right now. Lol
"It's not about the A's"
Might not be about the A's but is it about the carryovers? The D's or E's! You might not be the brightest student in class, but don't be the dullest.
Leaving school with a good grade builds your self esteem. So work hard!
3. Time Management
If you leave the university or any tertiary institution without being able to manege your time then you've basically wasted your life. Im not trying to sound judgy or something. Just stating a fact! There should be that change ! Procrastination should be thrown out of your window! Before leaving school master the mathematics of time
Managing time for social life,spiritial life , your career , leisure time and so on and so forth.
Time is money!
4. Maturity
 Facing a lot of things in school ,like finally leaning away from home,footing your bills little by little. A sense of maturity or Adulthood sets in. If you leave the university and you are still immature... mehn I don't know what to say ..
"maturity is not about age but about experience"  the experience of a typical Nigerian University is enough.
5. Team Work
In the University,starting from 100 level they start putting you into groups, kind of sucks right? Trust me i understand, Universities do that because the laboratories are always to small, but the good side about it is ,you start learning team work as you progress,you begin to have project and assignments which you are to defend . If after all this you haven't mastered team work.. I'm speechless
"No man is an island"
6. How to Communicate
When you connect, you communicate.. You can't remove connection and communication they are kind  of intertwined.  Before leaving school, learn how to communicate
In school you meet new faces, people from different cultures and backgrounds.
How to survive as a student 
Friends in love episode 1
Finally Free Episode 1
Friends in love episode 2
7. Friends for life
Whoah! Friends for life! Bone of your bones (I don't believe in that shit though). In the university as you connect and communicate you end up meeting with people of like minds and passion. This in turn changes to love(yuck! I can't believe I'm doing this). Most people meet their best friends or group of friends in the university and of course many meet their life partners in the university
8. Discipline
Before leaving school you should learn discipline, at times to be honest some lecturers act like beasts, dick heads... (any other word you like) but they actually teach discipline in a stupid way and they unconsciously train on how to deal with a boss who is a pain in the ass.
Before leaving school you should learn a skill, your certificate won't save you, but your skill can.
There are so many skills that can be learnt in school don't feel to big. Most universities today add entrepreneurship to their curriculum, focus on courses like this and learn the one your heart desires
"the gift of a man will make a way for him"
10. Purpose
Why are you on earth? Why are you in school? Why were you born in Nigeria? Ask questions..
It's a pity some undergraduates don't know their reason for being in school.."Marlians " they call themselves formerly called"the NFA, no future ambition".
Smh. When the realisation of life dawns on you, you'll realise life is more than meets the eye.
Before leaving school,rumimate , ask God for your purpose.
Don't leave the earth like a snake that crosses a mountain and leaves no traces behind.

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