Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 6

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 6

*continued from last episode*
Well, I had a little shower then, went for a stroll. I plugged in my headphones and walked the streets of Ikole Ekiti like a boss. 
I was about crossing to the other side of the road when I saw her!!! 
Who did I see?
It was Ewa! The girl that gave me red card!
I was really feeling like a boss until I saw her and felt like a baby.. The most painful thing is she acted like I didn't even exist. Our eyes met shortly and she looked away and continued gisting with her friends.
"Why are girls like this?" I asked my self.
That day I made a promise to myself "that girl will beg me to date her"
The remaining days were uneventful until Wednesday when I decided to go to school. Mind you, I resumed on Monday.
Between the time I resumed and Wednesday I already had new neighbours. Well we flowed a little but my main issue was I wasn't fluent in Yoruba and they almost started calling me "Jason Statham" lol. You know my name is Jason, right? If you don't, go back to episode 1
Please, call me Jay!
We had "Cpe 101" by 8am and, guess what, guys?
I woke up 7am. I sluggishly stood up and opened my door only to realise that my neighbours were ready for school. I felt cheated, "why didn't they wake me up?" I asked myself.
I went back to sleep!! Mehn I'm an idiot. But by exactly 8am I was already in school, hmm.. Don't ask me how?
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I got to the Engineering Lecture Theatre (Elt) and the place was already filled up. I tried to look for my neighbours only to find them seating comfortably around the middle of the hall. I went over to their side thinking I will get a seat but, No!! 
Few minutes later, our lecturer arrived. 
"Good morning students and welcome to Fuoye" 
In that moment, a lot of thoughts began rushing through my mind like a rejuvenated river.. 
"This is how I begin " I said to myself 
"Silence and I don't want anyone roaming about anymore" Mrs.... Ha! I've forgotten her name o, one woman like that in Computer Engineering department sha.

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"And she's actually fine oo"... I think I'm not alright oo
Mind you, I was still around where my neighbours were seated. 
"Hey, you" 
I turned around to see who was calling who, the lecturer was calling someone and that someone was.... 
"Me?" I asked the lecturer 
"Yes, you!, why are you still standing?" 
"I'm sorry, ma" I said sheepishly as all eyes were on me
"You look sloven, did you......" 
Can you guess the question she asked? 
That question destroyed my first lecture... 😢 
Who's gon' guess the question correctly? 
I remain Ace

Watch out for episode 7

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