17 types of guys in Nigerian schools

 17 types of guys you will see in every Nigerian School

Today we will be talking about the different types of guys anyone will come across in every university or tertiary institution
1.  The big boy
   A Nigerian school without these set of guys is like a house without a roof. (Are they that important?) Every secondary school has these set of guys not to talk of university or any other tertiary institution. 
Many of these guys live fake lives and always dress to impress. Many are yahoo boys though some have gone broke. Some are even broke ass niggas claiming big boy while some are grandmasters of betting(bet 9ja ,  naira bet) and some even do forex trading. These guys want to be popular by all means and they are always accompanied by the biggest ladies.
2.  The Son of a Rich Man
  A school without these type of guy is like the music industry without Davido! 
Many of these guys with rich fathers flaunt their wealth like its never gon' finish(very annoying). They move around like gods raising their heads like peacocks and getting all the prettiest ladies in school.
Some are really quiet and from the way they sound you can easily tell that they belong to group "aje butter". When ladies notice guys like this ,  they begin to try everthing they've got to become so close to this kind of guys.
Also this kind of guys spend money like it will never finish, they sponsor parties in and outside the school, they have more than enough ladies at their finger tips.
3. The Music Guy
  A school without a music guy? Are you kidding me? Where do you want to see on? These set of guys are always with their loudspeakers, headsets or they have their earpiece plugged into their ears. Many of them plan on becoming the next wizkid or Burna boy. Many of  them add music to their hustle and they may have terrible voices. There is another set of music guys , these ones act like ladies and have very thin voices, they have the voice of an angel, some end up doing gospel or they have dreams to be the next,  Johnny Drille or Praiz. Girls love these set of guys like crazy!
4. The genius
   These set of guys can save lives,the way they know book ehn you cannot just explain.If everybody will fail a test or an exam these genius guy will never fail, so I'll advise you to keep someone like that as a friend. The really intelligent ladies are very attracted with these set of guys,  you will always see them arguing laws and theories(if you are in the midst of people like this, you will feel like you never went school). All the lecturers know guys like this and love them so much,  some guys like this end up being called professor! . Some beauties with no brain love chasing these guys(in the back of their mind they will be like " I dont kuku know book, let me marry someone that knows book o"). 
5.The womanizer
 Umm.. These kind of guys can die because of a woman, they can chase any lady all they care about is sliding in(you know what I mean, dont let me type nonsense because of the kids that might be reading this post. Many of them are very sharp, they can date 3 ladies that are best friends at the same time and none of them will know. Many are very cute and they play ladies like soccer,  they are heart breakers and heartless guys.
6.The woman's servant( woman wrapper)
 In one word,  these guys are idiots! They can fight a fellow guy because of a lady. All they do is please ladies and these ladies turn them into their servants,  the bad thing is you cant correct them cos  they will be like "you better go and find your own babe and stop being jealous" bullshit if you ask me. How will you become a servant to a lady,  for what ? At the end most pf these guys reward is a peck on the cheeks or a hug.

7.The Politician and Activist
  "Solidarity Forever, We Shall Always Fight For Our Rights!"  These set of guys just love standing up people,  its their type that becomes class governor immediately they gain admission, they care too much about position(son  end up failing or dropping out). But without these set of guys our schools would have been hell on earth(even though it feels like hell, imagine if these guys didnt fight? One minute silence for those that lost their lives fighting). These guys should be respected trust me. I know many of them are like the Nigerian politicians , but not all. You see them orgainising campaign,  setting up groups all over the campus
8.The spiritual guy
If you are looking for guys like this , just ask for the school's mosque or fellowship. They are always walking helter sketer looking for who to convert. If they are Muslims,  the middle of their forehead is always black,  they are always nick named "alfa" and for Christians these ones are always seen with bibles are always as big as some textbooks!, they are always nick named "papa or pastor".Sad thing is many of them forget the main reason they come to school, they end up with poor or average results, they substitute prayer for hardwork. They don't read yet expect God to do a miracle.
But trust me some of these spirii guys are very intelligient too o and in a cool way they have ladies flocking around them (like that stuff still surprises me sha).
9. The Unserious
 Don't tell me your school doesnt have this type! No way. Something is telling me you are among set. Don't lie na, nobody is watching. Oya confess!
These set always make noise, frustrate lecturers and they make school fun. Without them many of us would have killed ourselves,  they are comedians and their presence or absence is usually felt. These set of guys too have this luck charm they use on ladies, you know ladies love funny guys.
10. The old man 
The set of guys are the eldest and most respected in class,  they have either written jamb so many times or they are sponsoring themselves through school. These guys are the fight settlers and peace makers,  while many prefer not to be known,  cos they feel so old.
11. The marlians!
"Marlians!Marlians!Marlians!" Do I even need to talk much about these guys? They are the children of Naira Marley and co. They take weed like their life depends on it. They cook it with their food, smoke it and do everything using weed. Their life is centered around weed(igbo labi).
They claim they cant do without weed and they are proud of it. Its their type that will use school fees to buy weed. The really addicted ones end up looking lean and tattered.
12.The shy guy
  Every school has these type of guys,  many of them are simply nerds, the are introverts and they can choose death over talking to a lady.
13.The wrestlers
These set of guys always flex their muscles and they move about looking for who to fight
14.The business man
   School is a perfect place for business! A lot of guys go into business immediately they get to school,  many of them think about their future a lot and some use it as additional income or to sponsor themselves through school. These guys can make out a business out of every situation!
You'll will hear "come and buy projects , N1500 per one,come and buy assignments N500 , fairly used admission for sale😁 at a cheap price,buy 200 level 2nd semester " They are the ones that have all the computer shops around the school area, basically they are entrepreneurs.
15.The football or sports freak
   These set are always with their boots and football, they want to be the next Messi or Cr7. She you ask what is life to guys like this they tell you its football .The ones that dont play football claim they play basketball(but many of them cant actually play it).
16. The whiners 
Chai these set of guys will whine your destiny, you can be drinking garri but these guy will make you feel like you are eating corn flakes.You never can tell when these guys are lying cos they whine too much.
17 Long Man
  These set are extremely tall,  they are the Goliaths of our time, short ladies are always running after them(don't ask me why o).
So this is my list ! Did I miss out anyone please use the comment box. Which one do you belong to?
Ace cares

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