10 types of people you meet in exam hall

 10  types of People you meet in every exam hall

  Today we will be discussing about the 10 types of people you meet in every exam hall. Just read through and let us know if our observation is right
O boy! It is on the day of exam you see the true colour of people. Lets start with it.
1  Copy Cats
 Chai! Almost everyone that has passed through has copied (don't come and for hypocrite here o!, every saint has a past) Now these set just read a little and ensure they sit with the smartest set of students,  some of these students are ready to be your slave as long as you allow them to copy you. They also have another group of copy cats who have long necks(like that of a Giraffe or Kangaroo),  the sad thing is some of them are so dumb they can copy anything including name and matric no.
2. Spiritual People
   This group enter the examination hall in speaking tongues or praying with their rosaries. They dont copy people and they dont allow people copy them . The sad thing is many of them substitute hardwork with prayer then they end up with poor or average results.
No offence majority of them are actually hypocrites
3. Back Seaters
Ha ha! I'm sure you are laughing now,  cos I've reached your side! You know what I'm talking about now,  this guys are the formation setters and carriers of micro chips. If they mistakenly move these guys from their seats, failure is certain! A lot of people fall into this category.
Mhen! Their connection can be so strong! They give really crazy signals and at the end of the exam you see them rejoicing and strategising a new plan. These guys always come out with average or above average and they always have a source that seats at the front .
Another group of back seaters I forgot to add are the ones not part of the formation but participate in it. Their ears are always open wide to receive any thing that comes , but many of them end up being sacrificial lambs or scape goats
4. Front Seaters
 Yeah, this is the seat for geniuses and scholars , they are the set that always ask for extra sheets or tells the invigilator a question is wrong, some of them finish very early and at least one is the source to the back seaters. If some of these smart front seaters want to submit you'll see the back seaters begging them. Some people who don't want to get implicated sit with this group , at least it saves them from trouble
5. The pretenders
This set of people always say"I have not read anything o! I just pity myself" but these idiots end up with good grades. You will never see them reading and during exam they either pretend to be sleeping or they squeeze their faces like they don't understand the English not to talk of interpreting the question.
Another group of pretenders are the ones preaching before exam starts and immediately exam starts they turn something else. Many of them are back seaters forming formation(Aswear these guys are the best when it comes to formation and all these lecturers trust them too much)they will be cheating and at the same time be gisting with the invigilator
6  The I to know(itk)
 Mtchew! All these ones like forming I sabi book , they will be shouting "I got 350 in Jamb" (abeg who dey epp?) Las las these guys end up with average scores.  All these Itk guys are very annoying they are the ones that will be arguing with lecturers during class and still complain that the lecturer didnt mark their script well(people that need cane)
7. Exam sickness guys
These set of people cant help but fall sick in the exam halll. Why? Many of them read few hours to the exam hall and fall sick. One thing common among them is,  they forget all they have read the previous night. Many of them faint immediately they see the questions. Many are late comers

8. The big boys
The G boys(awon omo yahoo)   Every school has these set,  they flaunt chains and expensive stuffs even in the exam hall. These set know they can never fail. They just go for the exam to put up appearance. Some are late comers too
9. The beauties with no brrain(olshos)
   Beauty with no brain(Inside life!) ... These set just go to the exam to try their luck, when they realise the exam is to difficult they just put their phone number with their pictures and submit..
10. The business men
These ones are divided into two groups. The first group are the ones that always collect money before passing dubbs in the exam hall. These people are very rampant in every exam hall especially in the higher institution
The second group are the type that guys that collect money from others to write exam for them(Omo these guys get liver o!). These guys can charge very high prices (like 100k per paper)

Did I miss anyone please use the comment box and share your experience
       Ace cares

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