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    Noun Postpones Convocation Due to Corona Virus

    The Corona Virus aka COVID-19 has grown rapidly in the last few days, hitting so many countries and so far many lives have been lost.
    The virus outbreak hit Nigeria some weeks ago and in order to stop it from spreading and causing Havoc, the national open University (Noun) has suspended their convocation ceremony.

    This is to inform you that the 9th Convocation Ceremony scheduled for 20th – 21st March, 2020, has been postponed indefinitely.

    The University Senate at its Emergency meeting held on the 16th March, 2020 took the decision which was ratified by the Governing Council to postpone the Ceremony in order to avoid possible crisis posed by the threat of Corona virus.

    Management hereby regrets any inconveniences that this postponement may cause staff, students and all other stakeholders.


    Stay safe. 
    Much love from Undergragra 

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