Jay the fuoye fresher episode 5

Jay the fuoye fresher Episode 5

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 5
( so sorry I've not updated this story for a while now!, I'm back now and I have to finish this story. Well this story is about a guy named a Jay and his life as a Fuoye fresher. If you missed previous episodes, you've missed a lot) 
I finally got the front of my house and guess what?
** continued from Last episode **
Now you are probably wondering what I saw right? Lol

Check this out
Can you guess what I saw? .... 
Let me guess.. You think its Ewa, right? That girl that shenked me on my first day in school.. Lol. 
You are so wrong. 
After the little argument with my dad, we finally got to my apartment but... The gate was locked! 
I felt this jolt run through my spine! I've been scammed! 
For a few seconds, I froze as my heart began beating really fast. I suddenly began to feel cold. 
My dad came out of the car and he was like " Jay, are you sure this is your house?" 
"Yes sir" I answered slowly.. 
He walked over to the gate and started Knocking, it was then we noticed the gate was actually locked from inside not outside. 
After noticing that, I heaved a sigh of relief.. 
My Dad and I kept knocking but no one answered... 
A voice spoke from inside. To be honest, that voice was the sweetest voice I've ever heard.
"Who is there?" she asked as she opened the gate gently and of course when I saw her, I wasn't dissapointed. Guys you need to see this lady. C'mon, don't see me like a pervert or something. I just appreciate good things. 
" Why is Daddy here!?" I muttered silently almost crying out.  
Then she spoke again with that sweet voice and I could feel my third leg rise. 
"I'm so sorry I was bathing" she said apologetically.. 
"It's okay" my dad said before I could even say anything. 
I never knew my dad could toast until that day. My dad practically stole her from me and she started looking at me like Daddy's boy... 
You know that feeling, right? .. She's never gon' respect me.... 
After I was done arranging my stuffs, my dad said a litlle prayer and left with the babe in his car... 
My dad with the babe in his car? Don't start thinking rubbish oo! She said she was going to Ado so my dad decided to give her a lift. 
But to be honest, guys, I was having stupid thoughts that day. 
I sat quietly on my bed not knowing what to do! 5 years in this bush! I'm so done for.. 
Well, I had a little shower then, went for a stroll. I plugged in my headphones and walked the streets of Ikole Ekiti like a boss. 
I was about crossing to the other side of the road when I saw her!!! 
Who did I see? 
Hint : Answer is in the previous episodes.. 
I remain Ace

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