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    Things that will take your money as a fuoye fresher

    Things that will take money from you in FUOYE after paying your acceptance fee

    2. If you can't cook at home (esp boys)
    3. Manuals & Dues
    4. Flirting & partying (if you like girls you go buy simple tire)
    5.Transportation. etc
    How you can get problem in Fuoye
    1. Over-sabi (I.T.K)
    2. If you have clash with indegenes
    3. Lousiness
    How you gonna be stressed up in Fuoye
    1. Registration
    2. Lecture problems (esp phase II students)
    3. Charging (you must stay with your phone).
    4. Brokeness e.t.c
    How to curb everything
    1. Be associative
    2. Don't move with them o,just know them..if u know,u know
    3. Think yourself
    NOTICE: If you have friends that can whine,e ma ni problem
    2. If you're a girl,stay with one boyfriend and if you notice you lose any of your undies..fasting and prayer lesekese
    3. If you're addicted to social media already,you will GEE,and if you get mind you go do I.P (if you see oppression)

    I am Ace
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