The Truth About Big Brother Fuoye

The Truth About Big Brother Fuoye

About Big Brother Fuoye
Big brother fuoye as the name implies is a replica of the popular reality show,"Big Brother Naija".
The show Big Brother Naija is one show that a lot of people watch even though it's heavily criticized. Big Brother Naija's good side or more compared to its bad side, now imagine a show that amplifies the good side of Big Brother Naija and more educational . The social life of Fuoye students especially Ikole campus is quite appalling compared to other Federal Universities in our great country.
Big Brother Fuoye is an initiative that will bring about a better social life and a strong connection between the two Campuses.We all know both campuses almost act like individual schools which isn't supposed to be.
30 contestants contestants called "Chatmates" will be contesting for 30 days for different prizes  on a single whatsapp group.
What does Chatmate mean?
In Big brother naija and other big brother shows ,the contestants were kept in a real hose and they were called "house guests" or "house mates" but in big brother fuoye they will be kept in a whatsapp chat group that's why they will be called "Chatmates"
The winner gets a whopping sum of #70,000 while the 1st and 2nd runner-up gets #20,000 and #10,000 respectively
The show will start on the 6th of February and will end on the 6th of March 2020
Why on whatsapp?
There are two major reasons why it will be online
24/7 light,electricity,water,recording is technically impossible, the money will be too much .
 The contestants are freshers basically and the first year is a very critical time for them to build their GP. We take education seriously just as we do for fun. Remember "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" have you ever thought about why work comes before play?
Big brother fuoye is not totally going to be like the Big brother naija but we'll be adding some things from Big Brother Africa . Big brother Africa season 7"hotshot" brought a unique style which we will be using and that is bringing in some celebrity who will be contestants too.
Basically we will be bringing 7 celebrity contestant representing each faculty.
Also in Big brother season 9 "hotshots" a new game was introduced it was called the "EXTRAVAGANZA" these and many more are twists which we will be seeing in the big brother fuoye .
For the last 3 days the contestants will have the feel of a real house!!!!
Fuoye get ready!!
Just like I stated in the introductory part,big brother fuoye is here to
. Improve the social life of Fuoye students especially Ikole campus
. Bring about unity between the two campuses
. Make Fuoye stand out among Federal Universities in Nigeria in all ramifications
.Create an avenue for entrepreneurs to showcase their products
. Make the target audience(freshers and predites) to easily get used to the school and not feel bad for coming to a school in the middle of a bush
. Bring out the best in the contestants and Fuoye in general
To follow the show pls click on the links below

The long awaited BIG *BROTHER FUOYE (BBF) AKA:  DE LOUD HOUSE* is about to start in a bit. And in other to view what's happening on the chat mate group kindly link up with any of the TVs below.*bigbrotherfuoyetv%20TV*%2C%20i%20want%20to%20be%20part%20of%20the%20family.%20My%20name%20is%20_____

Or TV 2 

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