Jay the Fuoye fresher episode 4

Jay the Fuoye fresher episode 4

Yeah an idea struck! 
I decided to go for X-ray. I walked towards the X-ray center only to see a really  long line, just few minutes after I joined the queue, I noticed so many other guys joined the line.
Then one guy like that came out.  "Good Morning Students "
"Good Morning" we chorused 
"Great Nigerian Students! "
"Great!" They all shouted louder this time.. 
I wasn't interested in the whole shiii
"I am Ijoba Demo" The guy said,then he told us to calm down that we will all have our X-ray(s) done.
Few minutes later, one man came out and said "boys to the right, ladies to the left"
We parted ways and the pushing started! I hate that thing ehn, some guys will just be flexing muscles.
After sometime, they started attending to the ladies alone. Like I was so pissed.
But I just had to stay calm,its too early to show this school how crazy I am, as time passed me and the other guys on the line started gisting and teasing the ladies...That's how my eye caught one ebony queen... As if she read my mind, she started taliking to me more and she was smiling at every damn thing I said even when it wasn't funny. 
Best moment of my life ,I just smiled to myself... Finally i did it..
At the end of the whole Shi,i got her contact and got close some of her friends. I went home feeling like a boss. I was on my bed thinking about her when I realised I didn't ask for her department! 
After about a week,i was done with my medicals ,but you won't believe, I didnt see that gal again ooo. I tried calling her severally but it never went through...
Who knows? Maybe she wasn't really, Asin she too fine!

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Lectures were to begin the next week, so I had to go back home to pack my stuffs,i had that fresher feeling ...I felt higher than the world.
The load I carried that day ehn! My dad had to carry me to school with his car. I got to Ikole and my dad passed a different route to enter the town(VILLAGE), I became confused and I totally forgot the road to my apartment.I started arguing with my dad, he was like "do you know more than me?" I was so angry! Why do old people think they know everything.
I finally got the front of my house and guess what?

Freshers whatsup now! I understand that feeling ,you feel on top of the world right? Lol ! Trust me I understand perfectly. Well on this post I'll briefly educate you on how to survive as a fresher.
Watch out for episode 5

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