How to survive as a fresher

How To Survive As A Fresher

Freshers whatsup now! I understand that feeling ,you feel on top of the world right?  Lol ! Trust me I understand perfectly. Well on this post I'll briefly educate you on how to survive as a fresher. 
1. Put first things first 
      In every thing you do in life, not just about you being a fresher,you need to put first things first. There is this saying that "all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy" Have you ever wondered why work comes before play in that saying? Work first then play later.
In what way can you put first things last?
Procrastination! - Majorly procrastination kills ,it's a really silent killer and almost every one is guilty of this. You keep pushing and pushing until you can no longer push
Time wasters - Movies ,books ,shows,watching or playing soccer a day before exam? Are you kidding me? It worked for others doesn't mean it will work for you. Or you played football through out waec and you passed, University is totally different.
2.Your Cgpa is your life!
   I know you've heard this severally, and you are like which one is Cgpa sef. CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. This Cgpa is a cumulative of all your scores from year 1 till the end of your stay in school. Never play with your GP!
3.Dont be in a hurry to make friends
If you don't have friends will you die? You want to have friends,you want to be popular in school! Biko take it easy. You don't need to be in a hurry to all that, everything thing will work out in its time. I didnt say don't be friendly ooo,but not everyone can be your friend 
4.Don't attend every event/show/gathering
   You can attend every lecture since that's the primary reason you are sent to school. But attending every party for freshers or for stalites !! Why? Even attending all religious gatherings even when you have a lecture is wrong . Take it or leave it. Your first GP is very important!!
5 Manage your time
   Why will you come to school and nor be able to manage your time? Without proper management you wont achieve anything in school . Fact!
6. Spend wisely
 Spend wisely!😂😂 I know you must have heard of situations whereby freshers resume and start eating fried rice and chicken but after about a month they start drinking garri without sugar. The reason why stuffs like this happen is because they didnt spend wisely. Don't be a miser ,don't suffer yourself , enjoy your self but spend wisely.
7. Learn something apart from school work
      Yes we all go to school to read, but is that the real truth? We all go to school so we can make money after leaving school,but today we hear of graduates jobless for years. So that something like that won't happen to you,you need to learn something. 
8. Balance your social life with school
    Being social is very important,having good grade is also very important. You need to have a way to balance both your social life and school together. Imagine getting an heart break a day to your exam! How do you want to perform well?
9. Know who you are!
Who are you ? Have you asked that question before.... ?
 It's a question you should ask your self over and over again. Don't be tossed to and fro by the wind ! You are not a leaf! You cant think on your own ,you keep following your friend! Sit down and think. Who are you?
10. Dont ever forget GOD  
      Sadly  this issue of forgetting God happens to the very religious kids and the "omo get inside"  They see the freedom for the first time in their lives and they misuse it!
Don't ever forget God,cos he is God without you but you are nothing without him.

I am Ace
©UUndergragrandergrara 2019

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