5 reasons to get the big brother fuoye form

*5 Reasons To Pay The Big Brother Fuoye  Form*

*Note : This isn't a scam!*
The aim is bringing education and fun together!
1. *Fame*: As a an entrepreneur, you get to showcase your work!  As a musician people get to know you. You get popular, you get to know more things about to Fuoye and more importantly you learn how to survive in Fuoye.
2.*Money* : Every contestant get to win something. The winner gets 70k!! 2nd 20k and 3rd 10k and other prizes. Even viewers will win prizes
3..It is online. 4 hrs only every day instead of being camped in a house. It isn't like  any show you have seen *_Games, IQ Test, Education, Funs_* etc., Sports, Movies and TV show, Puzzles, Riddles, Music etc
4. You  gain a lot educationally and you have real fun . Every contestants gets to win something! contestants who get to win other games on the show get to win amazing prizes . Games are being sponsored by some entrepreneurs in Fuoye.  
5. You meet with guys on the group who can be your friends for life! Other guests will be coming ...(Big people trust me)
Don't miss it!
*Eligibility*:For only freshers and predites.  That doesn't mean Stalites can't follow up o! Season 2 is coming!!
Below is the link for payment 

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