Facts About Big Brother Fuoye

Big Brother Fuoye! All you need to know 

I'm sure by now you probably must have heard about the big brother fuoye. 
If you haven't heard about it yet, let me educate you on the big brother fuoye show. 
The show is being organized by the Fuoye media team, these group of people came together to bring up something to make the first few days of freshers resumption exciting. Now we thought about it and realized we don't want to leave the predegree students left out, so the form is eligible for freshers and predites. 
30 contestants known as Chatmate competing for 30 days!  
Final show Is going to be live!  Did you hear me?  Live! 
Venue : to be contacted later
The popular big brother naija is known to be a place where fun and education takes place but the fun has taken over the education aspect. How sad! 
In fact intellectual beings have been known not to win big brother naija show compared to a show like who wants to be a millionaire. 
Big brother fuoye is going to be different! 
*_Games, IQ Test, Education, Funs_* etc. Will be staged life during the show
Lol don't get scared if you aren't so smart, we are going to be testing you in all aspects, 
Education, Sports, Movies and TV show, Puzzles, Riddles, Music etc
Wait and See!

The forms are still very much available and the sales of form will close on Jan 13th 2020. The earlier the better, the forms are sold at a rate of #1,000 only. 
Yeah, some guys think this is a scam,  fact is, it isn't.. 
Below are the list of guys who are working on this :
Eaglez Empire
Smilegists Ng
Lord Vicky (Ikole campus tv) 
The Officials
Town Crier
Shyblogger Pr
De Efficient
Alcoms Tv
The Cup Tv
Oye Virus
Oye Vibes
Wiki Tv
D'Plenty Grafix
(This show means a lot to us) 
 And we must acknowledge our sponsors so far, like, 
Save and Earn 
Orege Philip(I rest my pen) 
Exclusive Parrot 
Lizangell's Collection 
Tina's Collection 
Uganda, and many more..... 
What do you stand to gain? 
The winner gets a whooping grand prize of 100k 
Other contestants who get to win other games on the show get to win amazing prizes . Games are being sponsored by some entrepreneurs in Fuoye. 
Even the viewers get to win amazing prizes!  Viewers?  Yeah, I told you big brother fuoye is going to be different, viewers get to win amazing prizes as long as they stay connected to the show 
As a an entrepreneur, you get to showcase your work!  As a musician people get to know you. You get popular, you get to know more things about to Fuoye and more importantly you learn how to survive in Fuoye.
How can we follow the show? 
Whoa!  I forgot to tell you, this show is totally going to be online. 
Now how can you follow big brother fuoye? 
Big brother fuoye is going to be live on whatsapp. 
The link for the whatsapp TV will be out as soon as the form closes. 
Get ready Fuoye freshers and predites!  Big brother fuoye is going to be a bomb!
Eligibility: For only freshers and predites
How to pay
We are sorry for those who faced issues with payments, please use Google Chrome preferably.. 
Below is the link for payment 
For sponsorship and advert placement please contact  :
Lord Vicky 08145734656
Undergragra/Ace 09019531874
Join the whatsapp group 2 for fans 
Follow on twitter @bigbrother_fuoye
Follow on Instagram  @bigbrotherfuoye
Follow on Facebook @bigbrotherfuoye
Big Brother Fuoye aka  Da Loud House! 
Never Miss it!!!!!. It gonna be loud!!! ✌✌✌
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