Robbery at Uba Oye ekiti.2 Confirmed Dead!

Robbery at Uba Oye ekiti. 2 Confirmed Dead!

Federal University Oye ekiti is in need of an urgent deliverance, cos this is no longer a joke. Things are getting out of hand.You aren't seeing it, I am! 
Just minutes ago a very disheartening news got to me.  There was a robbery at the United Bank Africa (Uba) located in Oye ekiti,where the main campus of the prestigious university Federal University Oye ekiti , Fuoye is located. 
According to reports some armed men came in to the banking hall to rob and threatened to shoot any one who disobeys them. Of course just like this popular TV series on Netflix ,Money Heist, this men were not there to kill but to enrich their pockets.
Some police men stayed back and tried to fight back (according to reports), the whole issue got aggravated things didnt go as planned and next thing we heard was gunshots and so far two people have been confirmed dead.  A little girl and a grown up man believed by many to be one of the security guards of the bank.
Even the police van in that area got burnt. 

From reports reaching me the so called security agents(Nigerian Police Force) fled for their lives,they ran like antelopes about to be consumed by a ferocious beast,  running from the very trouble they signed up for, left the poor citizens they swore to protect!
To be honest, I don't know why all this deaths are happening, really frustrating... I'll advise all Fuoye students to stay safe. Only few days to the second semester exam, don't do anything that will cause another strike.
I take God beg you 
In case something like this robbery at Uba occurs again, I strongly advise students to come operate and stay down . You don't joke with a man holding a fully loaded gun. 

Although many people are starting to say the year is coming to an end and the soil kind of requests for blood,to me I think the whole oye-ikole community needs a serious deliverance. 
We thank God no student was killed(so far so good) 
This news may not be as accurate as someone who was present there, so this post is subject to further editing.  If you have a more detailed description or information, please use the comments box
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