How To Check Jamb Result 2020/21

How to check Jamb result 2020/2021

I'm sure you are kind of confused,  you don't know how to check your jamb result. Do not panic,let me give you a simple guide on how to do it.
Look I know checking jamb result can be very scary and difficult in a funny way. How do I mean? Due to the fear of failing you might be scared of checking .So just relax and follow the steps one after the other.
You can use 3 methods to check your Jamb result
1. Sms
2. Email
3. Jamb Portal
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1. SMS
Almost everyone has a phone and SMS isnt new to us, using sms to check for Jamb result is super easy and stress fee but they will collect money o!
    Do you remember when you registered for Jamb you sent a code to 55019?
Now you are going to do something like that again.
Step 1  Carrry your phone(lol,  what will you carry before?)
Step 2   Send "Result" to 55019 
   Pls use the sim you used to register for Jamb
Then you will receive a mesage with your Jamb Result
To be honest this is the easiest Jamb result checking method.
They will remove N50 sha
If you are looking for a website to check latest educational news or discussions, you can always check, , or of course please keep visiting

2. Email
 Email or Gmail as some may call it is another super easy way to check jamb result,  follow the steps carefully
 Step 1  Carry your phone as usuall. You can use laptop if you have one
Step 2  go to
Step 3   login to your account
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Step 4   After you login , refresh your email and check for new messages
3.   Jamb Portal
This might be difficult if you havent done Jamb before in your life . But if you follow these steps you can check your Jamb result with ease trust me
Step 1  on your phone/PC  open your browser(preferrably chrome)
 Step 2  type
Step 3   input your email and password accordingly...if you have issues probably you forgot your email or password you can contact us.
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  Now after logging in , youll see some boxes , scroll down and look for check results,  if it says result not available or something close to that, relax it might be because your result isnt out yet.
If you passed congratulations,  if not relax you can still be admitted.
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If you need more information on how to check your jamb result you can always contact us.
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I am Ace

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