Will I be admitted?What Jambites Must Know

 Will I Be Admitted? What All Jambites Must Know

Will I be admitted? I understand that pressure,  that rush! Your friends have gained admission even your younger siblings and you feel like you are going to kill yourself or your parents might end up killing you themselves. The everyday nagging and ranting by your parents.
“Not everyone will be admitted”, I heard this first coming from the lips of one of my favorite teachers back in secondary school. Mr. Famzy as we always called him came to the class that day to give us a piece of advice (SS3 students). I sincerely felt like slapping him that day, the kind of questions that kept playing in my mind was "Will i be admitted?" Or "chill whats this man trying to say?" but now I understand perfectly through experience.
Now its my turn to frankly tell you “Not everyone will be admitted”, you may be pissed off right now, but the truth is bitter(bitter gan pass bitter leaf). Look you may end up getting an unwanted course,  a kind of course you are ashamed to say in the public(abegii your situation is better than those sitting at home)see although Jamb can destroy your dreams, it also leads some people on the right path. If you are even given a totally stupid course, why don’t you enter first then write Jamb from school, seeing parents ranting everyday can lead you to depression or even suicide.
If your school’s admission list isn’t out yet or if your school’s has started releasing list, you have to pray and use any connection possible ,pls read: what you must do to get admitted .
Yeah dont forget to check your caps o; anything can happen trust me!  You must get married to Caps, if you don’t know how to go about it read: how to check if you've been admitted on caps
If you don’t get admitted, don’t give up! Keep on trying! They say school na sca,  I don't disagree but education is key . Dont gain admission to get schooled but to be educated !
So if you are planning for next year's jamb why dont you read : how to pass Jamb 10 easy steps
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