What you must do to gain admission in Nigeria

What you must do to get admission in Nigeria

If you can follow these steps judiciously trust me getting admission will be very easy!  Look don't expect me to give you some cheat codes ! Well they may be cheat codes in a way but they still require hardwork and common sense. So lets dive in!
Be wise/ Use your head/ Dont be an idiot
To get admission in Nigeria  these days you need to be connected on a 4G wireless! or 5G if possible...Now how do I mean?You need to be connected, its a very risky thing these days to try to gain admission into a school where you have little or no connection at all.I tell you, before choosing a university ensure that you have a strong connection….. c’mon don’t tell me you know the gateman or cleaner that’s 2G mehn…. Know a Senior lecturer or Vc! Now you are talking. Still doesnt me you have to fail cos you have the connection , hope you get my point?

Have a good olevel result
 Be it WAEC,NECO, NABTEB etc you have to make sure you pass well especially in your five core subjects including english and mathematics.Some years back getting a credit is okay but these days a 'C' is rubbish! a 'B' is even manageable. Your olevel is the foundation , with a good olevel result ,  admission is sure "if you use your head". I know why I quoted if you use your head...

Pass Jamb/Utme
Passing Jamb has been a very difficult for students over the years , even our parents and teachers who claim to always come first when they were younger cant boast of having 200. But one thing I know is, the standard has dropped! If you can put away that fear of Jambing(failing) Jamb you are one step into success. Trust me
Pls read :https://undergragra.blogspot.com/2018/09/how-to-pass-jamb-2019-10-easy-steps.html > at least get 200 above
Just take a chill pill.I almost forgot, Jamb has ordered all jambites to get their National Identification Number(Nin)
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.You may eventually even get admission but it migh not be the course pf your dream, see  If they give you any course do it first and from school write another Jamb. You may even end up realizing that the nonsense course they gave you is good.
. Another thing to note is ummm(this is a secret) most universities allow students(aspirants) amd their parents to lodge complaimts to the school, especially those that met the cutoff but werent admitted.If by any chance you are in a situation like this pls carry yourself with your parents pr guardian please...You never can tell ! 
Think before you pick a school and course
Dont pick a school or course because your friends picked it too, they may end up getting admission and you wont and at the end of it they no longer become your friends. If you end up with a low jamb score or poor olevel result , use your head please! Imagine someone with 214 in Jamb then 'C' parallel in Waec choosing to study Medicine in OAU! How on earth will that kind of person gain admission please. If you need any advice you can use the comment box please or just connect withhtml
Try other Alternatives
A lot of people hate it when they are advised to try other alternatives to get admission.You can try polythecnic after two years you are an OND graduate, then you can process DE into any university.You can also try alevels, jupeb,ijmb….You can also enroll for diploma, many universities do diploma programs . You can also try predegree… If you do predegree ,you are a student already and the funny thing is so many students don't know this cheat code! Use your head I repeat..If you have the money why don't you try it? At least Polythecnic is really cheap, they may look down on you..but you know where you are going to.
Dont let the money for predegree or alevels scare you! Hello, if you dont try this alternatives then think of yoirself spending another year at home! Write another jamb!
This should be the first on the list but I deliberately put it last because thats the way it is for many of us, we start to pray when all hope is lost. We should have prayed before taking any step, see if you forget a key thing like prayer you might be smart and have everything but the admission wont just come..it isnt the witches in your village o!. If you can pray very well please pray,admission is not a joke but... It doesnt mean you should fail. Why  would you fail then start telling God you prayed but he didnt give you admission. 
For now I can say thats all I have,  pls note, this post will still be edited, so if you have questions or more points to add , pls do!

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