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    Things to take to school as a fresher in Nigeria

    Things to take to school as a fresher in Nigeria is the topic for today.Lol I'm not a teacher o;
     I know you have been going over the internet for a perfect answer to your questions. Congratulations cos you are on the right page . Just follow me steadily.

    You should know me for that ,  I try my best to enlighten students on the necessary thing they need most especially freshers to make their registration and their first year stress free.Hello! Pls I'm not asking you to buy everything listed here o and the thing is you can actually get some of these things after resumption, so check what's on offer before you go to the market...I'll advise you start early cos very soon prices will start to go up.
    You might end up staying on campus with a lot of roommates or even if you are off campus you might share a room with people and you will share things like pots, kettles, frying pans, pegs, and so and so forth. So please don't pressurise yourself or your parents. Below is a comprehensive list of things to take to school as a fresher.
    They will be divided into 3 main sections. General, Male and Female

    You need 
    A phone
    Headset or earpiece to cancel noise
    Loudspeaker(Inside life! I dont even have it but almost everyone does)
    You will need  documents like,  
    Passport photos (like 40)
    Passport or driving licence (for those who own cars)
    Bank account details  (remember on one of my posts told you guys to get an account! I'm sure you don't want dad and mum to be the one receiving your alerts. I think the post was : 10 places every fresher must know  you remember that post right, if you havent please read it)
    Address book and email contacts list(don't look me with one bad eye o! Incase your phone disappears this will save your ass)
     Old textbooks and notes -List of phone numbers -Support notification form 
    Diary or calendar 
    Doctor and dentist details (for students under treatments)
    Other university documents like jamb, waec, neco exam certificates ...pls read: documents needed after gaining admission

    Youll also need stuffs like, 
    Bottle opener 
    Wine glasses 
    Shot glasses (especially for those of you that like to chop life)
    Kettle (both for boiling and for prayers as a Muslim)
    Bowls (for cereal, soup, ice cream, etc) 
    Small frying or omelette pan 
    Tin opener(for milk)
    Chopping board -An extra chopping board if you are cutting meat: this way you avoid food poisoning!!! 
    Grater/blender , see you cant go to grind pepper outside everytime so to save stress(save stress? Na to save cash)pls get this its a life saver
    Wooden spoon/spatula or "orogun" as yourubas call it. For turning food like eba, porridge etc. I took one crazy spatula like that when I resumed as a fresher, next thing I knew was my neighbours started making jest of me.... But they all still come back to beg me when they need it . lol...
    Don't forget food stuffs like 
    Red oil and groundnut oil
    GARRI ( LOL don't ask me why I put in capital letter)
    Seasoning like maggi, thyme and curry powder
    Grinded Pepper( especially for yoruba's. No be me talk am o! I'm a yoruba boy before you bite me and I'm not a pepper freak)
    Cereals like corn flakes or coco pops or Beverages(if you be "obo" this isnt difficult)
    Lets forget food and go to school
    As a fresher you will need a
     Desk lamp (Halogen) 
    BOOK CHAIR - saves a lot of neck strain if you are making notes out of a big book] 
    A table (especially for architecture and engineering students you will do technical drawing ehn! The table can be used for eating
    Dictionary and thesaurus
    A jotter
    Ream of printing paper , A4 folders -Pens(a pack will be better),  pencils, paper, files, highlighters , Scissors , Sticky tape, note books(some people prefer those heavy and fat books where you can have all your courses written but personally Ill recommend those 80 leaves books or 40 leaves , they are lighter and you can read better), Stapler(I'm sure youre gon' be like what is doing this one now? Lets kuku carry the whole house... Somethings are very important).
    Other things youll need
    Soap for washing and bathing
    Curtains for your room if youre staying off campus
    Duvet or wrapper for mosquitoes or cold
    Mosquito net
    Bed spread
    Pillow(mhen! I love my pillow guys even fight for my pillow lol...if you ask me why I wont talk o)
    Insecticide(don't carry sniper so you wont be tempted to drink it)
    Bath towel
    Enough drugs incase you suddenly fall ill
    Air freshner
    Dustbin or laundry bag( cleanliness is next to godliness)
    Chess, draft etc(don't let boredom kill you)
    Light bulb
    Table or wall fan
    Matches or lighter
    Bible or Quran

     Lets go there niggas!
    You'll need
    MONEY( Dont ask me why o?
    LAPTOP(I'm nt encouraging yahoo o!!)
    Yeah you need game pads to play games with your friends using your laptop of course. If you are a  blogger like me? PC is needed o! For photo editors too and entrepreneurs you need a laptop
    Wallet(not empty one ooh that shit is heartbreaking )
    Sports gear 
    Head warmer/cap
    Some cool shoes and slip-ons
    Shaving stick
    Shaving cream
    Hair brush/comb
    Condom of course(you don't want to be a father yet am I right?)

    Caution: Be careful o! Don't say Ace didnt warn you, dont forget God on campus(lol I'm turning to a preacher or motivational speaker..umm)

    Make-up kit (if you don't use make up you will feel like dying it takes courage not to be like others)
    Box of tissues
    Shower cap
    Hair brush
    Hair spray
    Cool clothes
    Bum short
    Swim wears
    Teddy bears
    Water Bottle
    Baby oil
    Nail varnish
    Hair removing cream
    Caution: you don't have to be a slave to any guy, sex isnt love and virginity isn't a crime.

    You can always contact Ace

    Please im repeating myself again , not everything here is compulsory. Pick what is good for you EOD(end of discussion)

     So whatsup freshers , I hope I tried? Mhen I feel so exhausted right now please  don't forget to read:how to make money online as a student
    You know I love you guys right? Pls share your views using the comment box
    I am ace

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