A complete guide for fuoye freshers 2020-2021

A complete guide for all fuoye freshers 2020/2021 

On this post I'll be adressing two issues,  the fuoye resumption date and the complete guide for freshers
Hello Freshers! How are y'all doing?
Well I'm just here to give you a few tips on the kind of  documents you'll be needing for now and steps you need to take after gaining admission.

Now you are a fresher! How does it feel to be a fuoye fresher?
Anyways congratulations on being an undergragra
If you can follow these steps , your registration will be easy trust me.
The moment you gain admission,pls accept it . Then the payments begin

1. You pay the clearance fee #10,000 pls print it out, an original and 3 photo copies
2. Pay the Acceptance fee #40,000 pls print this out too . An original, 3 photo copies as well
Pls note: You'll submit one original and two photocopies ,the last one is yours.
3. Print out your Jamb Admission Letter. You have to pay #1,000 for that , pls get 3 photocopies too

Chill let me laugh small,  I remember some time last year or so when I got admitted,mhen! I had that fuoye fresher feeling,  I printed everything printable with coloured printer ,  I even printed original jamb result receipt ..smh
4. Print out your Jamb Original Result(for utme candidates only) You pay 1k and photocopy too
5. I almost forgot, pls print out the school's admission letter, this is like the most important document as a fuoye fresher,  pls get an Original and 3 photocopies
6. On the  admission portal you'll see the guarantors letter ,pls give this to any clergy or chief, someone respected sha,let them sign and stamp it . After  photocopy as usual
7. On the admission portal you'll also see Attestation letter ,print it out and give to your parent or guardian. Let them sign on it . Photocopy again as usual
8. Now this one is crazy, the school doesn't want to admit a criminal, so you have to get a court affidavit of good conduct . ! Make sure it's a federal high court!
The price should be around #1500 at most. Get that done and photocopy as usual
9. Ask your parents for your birth certificate, get the original and photocopy again
10. Ask your parents for your certificate of origin , get the original and photocopy
Hello Fuoye freshers! Free advise pls get an original for all documents I stated here and photocopy,  you can also scan them online(not compulsory)
11. Pls get at least 40 passport photographs. Pls don't ask me why? You'll need it!
12. So sorry I almost forgot this , after paying your fees on the school portal, there's a place for you to print out some receipts,pls these receipts are very important. (Pls if you have any issue with that, use the comment box,  I'll reply asap.
I'll edit this if I forgot any
😂😂😂Looks stressful right? You've not started yet!
Now sit and relax....The school will announce the date for other registrations,
. The medicals - To start  with you have to pay #10,000 only , then you can proceed, x-ray,blood and urine test....(This is probably the most stressful part of your registration.

I think we need to protest o 😂😂💥
Also around this time you'll have to scan your documents , pls don't do things without asking for steps o! So you don't make bloody mistakes. 

Also around this time, youll have to start paying school fees, stamping at admin office😂😂 

Omo I'm just remembering those days sha ...
Any other information, I'll try my best to update you guys
For students who want to stay on campus ,the earlier the better and for you to apply to stay in the school hostel you must have finished paying your school fees. Hostel Fee for now isnt more than #50,000

For students who want to stay off campus you can contact me. Always @ your service
Message me instantly on WhatsApp

Aspirants I'm cooking a post for you guys. I understand what it means to be an aspirant😑
*Free advice to you guys don't stop checking caps!*
You can contact me on +234 9019531874. (pls no calls after 1am but you can mesage me on whatsapp)

About the fuoye resumption date.
Many people are confused, bewildered and....... I dont know what word to use any more ,  freshers and stalites are confused!
Now everyday I hear questions like,
When is fuoye resuming?
What is the resumption date for fuoye freshers?
And so on....
The truth is only a miracle will make fuoye resume this month(october), and I doubt if the freshers will resume this,  my advise for freshers is to stop disturbing themselves with fuoye resumption date.
If you have questions , pls use the comment box!
Ace cares


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  1. What are the items needed to get an affidavit please?

  2. Thanks for this information.....so we start medical registration by paying 10,000,are we still going to pay any amount for the medical registration again

  3. No! You are not required to make any payment for the Fuoye medical, just the sum of N10, 000 only.


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