Advice to Fuoye Students waiting for Memo

What Fuoye Students Can Do While Waiting For Memo
Fuoye students how far na? Do you still want justice? ūüėā
The loss of two students,  Joseph Icon and Dada Kenny will forever remain in our dear hearts. But for over 40 days now and still counting the school has refused to resume.Last thing I heard was that on the 30th of October the school will have another senate meeting.
The strike is affecting everybody and I honestly pity the Fyb(final year brethren), these guys have laboured for so many years, but what can we do?
What should we do? That's why I've written down a list of things fuoeyites can do while waiting for memo for resumption.

1. Learn something new
Chill,  are you still sitting at home doing nothing? Haba na! Don't you realise you actually need to be flogged, stop wasting several hours on the internet,  if you are really tired of doing nothing then you have to do something o. Examples of things you can do are;
a.Hairdressing or Barbing
Sounds stupid right? But if you are really tired no one will tell you before you go to next salon and start learning. This stuff can really save your ass when school resumes(just an extra source of income).
b.Graphics Design
Bro how far! you still dont know how to design? I'm not talking about web designing just graphics. Dude try to get close to someone that does it and learn don't waste your life .
c. Photography
     I'm not sure I actually don't think I need to post much about this. Photography is very lucrative and can be a means you can get money for upkeep. Learn photography today
d. Programming
    You are studying computer science or engineering and you cant program? Seriously? Coding isnt strictly for computer gurus. Its just you directing the computer on how it should think or operate. Programmers are  crazy thinkers and they control the world like it or not. So start coding,  you can start with small html and CSS.
e. Tailoring
     The difference between popular fashion designers and others is their education. If you have interest in tailoring , pls start today.
f. Baking
 This is another cool thing you can learn while waiting for fuoye's memo
h. Driving 
 How far na? At your age you cant drive and your pops has a car? Grab the keys and drive abeg
g. Blogging
   You've been hearing of this shit for a while right? Now its time to learn!
Get a job
Stop eating and getting fat its time to start working!
a. Hairdressing or Barbing
b. Sales rep
c.  Receptionist
d. Baking
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Use what you have to get what you want
a. Graphic Design
 How far you are a graphic designer and youve been playing? You need cane! Dude work your ass off,  advertise and don't stop! Hard work pays
 You are an event promoter and youve been sitting down! How far na! Uae this opportunity to get updated with every thing trending. No dull your self
c. Mc'ing
 Better don't let this fuoye dull your spirit o! U can Mc? U are a comedian? This time of strike is an opportunity for you to think of a way to blow.
d. Programming 
 You are a programmer right? But why do you start programming in the first place. Its time to use what you have learnt ,  start creating  apps, websites. Broadcast yourself someone can hire you.
e. Writing or Blogging 
  You are  a writer ? You need to start writing more. Someone like me while school was in session it was so difficult to write a 300 words posts but now this post alone is         . This strike just gave me an opportunity to write more
f. Event Planning
  You have free time now use this time to broadcast yourself.
g. Music
You sing? You need to spend more time in the studio! Work your ass ! Sing something relating to what we are facing. See those songs they sang concerning the killings,  I have two of 'em and I listen to it everyday! Use your head o! Sex for grades shit was trending no body sang anything..... I'll pass
h. Modelling
   Look for companies looking for models! Don't waste your beauty or swag because of Fuoye
i.  Social Media Engagement
You have so many followers on twitter and Instagram. But you are wasting it.Use this opportunity to promote events for people and name your price. A good thing you can actually promote online is this online reality show for university students 'Ice' you can inbox me if you want to know more about it

j. Baking
  Bake and let people know you.

If you still don't know what to do after reading this post then you need prayers!
During this strike please don't forget God o! Draw closer to God and pray for Fuoye

Like we made fuoye trend the last time,  we can trend again! #ReopenFuoye
This is all I have for you guys
I am Ace

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