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    7 Reasons Why You Might Not Get Admitted

    7 reasons why you might not get admitted

    Yeah I know this post looks familiar right? Just try to get the point I'm trying to pass across to you,  today I'm giving you 7 reasons why you might not get admitted.
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    1. Over Confidence
     Yeah you know you have the good grades, you even came first through out your stay in school. You represented your school for different competitions etc. My brother, my sister , do you know you might not get admitted? When the reality of admission dawns on you that's when you'll understand. Lol you still think I'm some kind of blogger who just copied this shit from somewhere right? Or you are like why should I even read this? Its cool to be confident but please dont let it fool you. Another way you might feel over confident is knowing that you have a strong connection(like the connection I talked about one of my posts right?) .No connection is greater than God
    2. Wrong Orientation
            This is the biggest issue most students face! It kind of saddens me to be honest and I kind of realized I was in this state for a very long time. Some people have issues like wrong subject combination, wrong notion about school("las las school na scam" or "make we sha go to school, las las we no go find job") Mark Zuckerberg was a drop out doesn't mean if you drop out you will make it? Just like Ive said before go to school to be educated not schooled!
    Get your orientations right! Ask questions! Never keep quiet! Why do you want to study the course you want to study? Think think think...
    Always feel free to ask me questions anytime. Feel free to use the contact form or the comment box
    3.Thinking you know it all
    " Abeg! How old is this one that he wants to be advising me on what to do? " "See this yeye blogger sha, you know since when I don't dey find admission?" People say stuffs like this a lot and I totally get it,  you have the experience ,you've tried different schools but do you know you havent learned your lessons yet thats why you havent been admitted!once in a while forget everything you think you know and learn ... Just keep your mouth shut and listen! Admission is so difficult! according to so many people but it is super easy if you play your cards right.

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    4. Poor Grades
     This is the biggest issue! I rest my pen

    Lol... No na. Lets discuss this ..... With poor grades in our olevel or with low jamb score, to be honest with you your chances of getting admission is very slim.. But never give up!
    Never joke with your results,  I get it everyone is pressurizing you to do well or the TV show you are watching has released a new season or episode? Look somethings are irrelevant face your books squarely... When you finally have a good grade you'll be glad you did.
    Upcoming post  from me : how I got 285 in Jamb(please you guys should keep reminding me if I forget) I was determined to get 300 (I'll tell you my regrets and some other stuffs sha)
    (Lol I know some guys will be like whats there in 285 or 300 is it high? Like I said before ...forget everything you know and learn)
    5. Not using your head
    So many people dont use their head! I'm not trying to insult anybody and this one reason you might not get admission! Example of someone not using his/her head is someone with 180 in Jamb going for law! or someone who passed cutoff mark and hasnt gotten admission but sit down and does nothing(In a case like this email the school and if you dont get reply , go to the school admin with your parents or guardian). Someone cannot be growing old at home o!
    They gave you admission and you are like "abeg jhor,  I cant do a course like that" or "I'm bigger than that"  ....shift left me laugh small. What makes you think the course isnt good. You probably just lack information about it. Just try the course they give you pls and you can write Jamb from school I won't lie its better.
    Try alternatives , I already posted something like this before sef
    6. Wrong  Subject combination for Jamb and Waec
    This is the biggest issue , second only to having poor grades. Some people end up with beautiful scores then they start to blame the school for not giving them admission not knowing they shot themselves in the head.
    Woo! I think this is a really big issue to talk about especially for Jamb and Waec.  Now for your olevel there are some basic subjects you musnt fail! Maths and English is general. For arts students subjects like Literature, Government , Histor and Irs/Crs must be good (at least don't have a D). For science students ensure you pass Physics,  Chemistry and Biology/Agric,  commercial students pls ensure you pass Commerce ,  Economics, Accounts .
    For Jamb students you can use this
    Sciences: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology

     Social sciences: English, Mathematics, Economics, Geography/Agric

    Arts: English, Literature, Government, Economics/C.R.K
    Now jamb subject combination differs from course to course  so please check this out: Jamb subject combination for all courses

    7. Forgetting God
     To be honest with you,  God should be the first option not the last, yeah I know I have a post that looks almost like this but I'm still passing the same information but in a different way.Dont forget that God factor. Work hard and pray, never do one and leave the other undone.
    Anyways this is all I have for you today.
    For other questions ,  you can always contact me or use the comment box. This blog is created mainly to help students!
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