10 Places You Must Know As A Fresher

To be honest with you one of the best feelings is the feeling of being a fresher or an undergragra as I call it. Anyway today I will be giving you a list of 10 places every fresher must know .
The moment you become an undergraduate you need to get familiar with the school so you don't get lost. Trust me some schools can be really big!
1. Health Centre: Now the very first place I'll advise you to know is  the health centre, why? Cos it is paramount , your health status is more important than your education, for easy assimilation of school works, you must make sure your health status is awesome

2.Senate Building: This should probably be the first cos this is the most important to any student both freshers, stalites even graduates and post graduates because most of your admission and other important documents will be signed at the Senate Building.

3. Faculty/College: You might be kind of new to this but  this is just a  kind of umbrella that envelope both your departments and other related courses take for instance theatre and media arts should in the Faculty or College of Arts.This is very important because your department needs your profile and your day to day records.This place is also very important , you even access your results there.

4. Library: Wow this is  another important place freshers mus know especially the book worms or "efiko" since your major aim in school is to read and make research. Most of your lecturers wont give you a complete note, you would have to read textbooks to meet up.

5. Banks: Now you've been admitted you need to start payments and registration, you will money transaction from your banks especially if your school system of payment through bank transaction, you also need this for collecting money sent to you by your parents.
So I'll advise you guys to get an ATM card .
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6. Lecture Rooms and  department building: This very important for freshers cos you must know the venue for your lectures for easy learning.

7. ICT Building: This may be important for only a few set of people who love tech but it is very important, mark my words cos you will surely need the help of technology, especially when it comes to recording or writing  your CAT and exams.

8. Hostel:  Well this is also important cos you might get lost on your way home, lol .Accommodation is important, to be on the saver side, make sure you know the routes to your hostels.

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9. Market: Food is necessary ! Shout out to the guys reading this.You will need to buy foods and other things, make you know where to get those things at a cheaper price and if your school is located in a village you need to know the market days

10. Fellowship/Mosque : God is very important trust me, I get the fact that so many people are starting to lose trust in God but do you know anything you do without acknowledging God is baseless.
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 Um.. This is my compiled list of the top 10 places every fresher must know. Yeah you may have any other idea pls feel free to add yours!  

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