The Truth about what happened during the Fuoye Students Protest!

The issue of Inadequate power supply as been as issue in Nigeria as a whole. The light issue in oye and Ikole is quite appalling. The students have kept quiet for a while but they just can't take it anymore.

Last semester in Ikole Campus,there was a protest which brought results for a while but it seems the electricity distribution officials aka NEPA have failed to fulfill their promises.

This morning students on both campuses(ikole and oye) got to school only to see the gates locked.
We are tired of reading in the dark! The students of Fuoye living off campus deserve light.

Heartbreaking to see the fake news posted on top blogs and websites in the country concerning the Fuoye student's protest. The students didn't attack Mrs Bisi Fayemi(Wife of the State Governor) , she did!

The students on both campuses (Oye and Ikole) went out for a peaceful protest...why?
The epileptic power supply on both campuses is so appaling.....
Some students in Ikole were having lectures when the members of the SUG called the students out for a peaceful protest...
The students went out en masse for the protest! and locked the NEPA office , they then went to the palace of the King of Ikole .
The Elekole of Ikole and Olotin of Iloti followed the students down to Asin towards Isaba ... The students then pleaded with the Kings to call the police men to bring light immediately.... But all to no avail .The students then went further to trekk towards the federal road and blocked the road... Not long after the First lady's convoy came and they tried to dialog with the students didnt move , all they said was "call nepa to bring light now!"...
These was on for a while then the Sug brought food for the students to relax since it looked like they werent ready to fulfill their request.... few minutes after , the first shot was heard! The police officers shot into the air and students ran! But one of the bullets met a student on his hand!...
The convoy turned around towards oye..
Not long after they heard that a student of Ikole who happened to be a class govenor in 100L had been shot dead by the police! This young man went to join is fellow comrades in oye campus only to get shot in the EYE!
They got angry ,went back to the NEPA office and burnt it down...thank God no one was in the building

At Oye Campus
Mrs Bisi Fayemi's was with her convoy on a tour passing through the oye/ikole road then students stopped her at oye hoping she could help with the issue on ground ,according to reports she ordered the shooting of these poor students and they ran for their dear lives.....
She ordering the shootout hasnt been confirmed yet! But the shootout made the protest go wild

 "The police officers were manhandlin and chasing the students.

“The students repelled by stoning the officer and the police started shooting our students sporadically which led to the death of one and several were injured.”

FUOYE Students Union President, Comrade Oluwaseun Awodola, however denied the students attacked the Governor wife’s convoy.

“I was sleeping when my PA came that the army official wants to see me. I went to the official and we approached the road.

“On getting to the road side which was closed to the police office, the Mopol said the CSO was around.

“All of a sudden a CPU(moral) official from nowhere came and slapped me.

“Immediately the CSO was begging me and other security officials

“Students came over and they were like they want to see the person that slapped me.

“At first i was aggrieved but later I was calm. We left the scene then the CSO was like once we get to the Governor’s office the police officer will apologise.

“Nobody attacked the convoy of the Governor’s wife. We already agreed we will be having a meeting with the Special Adviser to the Governor and NLC executives tomorrow by 10am before we meet at the school gate tomorrow.

“All of a sudden, a Mopol official fired gun shots. Immediately,  students were like why did he shoot?

“The CSO to the Governor came immediately and told the Mopol to stop shooting.

“They started shooting teargas, gun and the likes. Then students started throwing stones  that was how everything started.

” Nobody attacked the governor’s wife convoy. We ended the protest around 2pm,” he said.

According to the report students did not  lead the attack until the governor wife ordered  the shoot out of students and the news reports that are convoy vehicle's where destroyed and that she escaped in Ayegbaju, which is not true.
When the students realized a fellow student had been attacked they went wild and attacked the police men.
So far  two students(Joseph Icon and Dada Kehinde ) have been confirmed dead while many others are injured.The police man whom we supposed to be dead is very much alive.
The policemen went furher to go to Student hostel to shoot and fire tear gas! More new coming

Students are not hoodlums!
Students should be respected
The Vicechancellor has ordered students to leave the school premises latest by 10am tomorrow morning!
And the SUG has been proscribed till further notice.
The school will be on lock down till further notice
Say No To Fake News!

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