Pros and Cons of staying on campus

Ads and Disadvantages of staying on Campus
Below are reasons why you might want to consider staying on campus.
1. Constant Light
No matter how bad a school might be , the students living on campus will always enjoy good light one way or another.
2. Good Water
No matter how young a school might be , there will always be borehole for students to use for drinking and bathing. Although in some cases when there is overpopulation in the school hostel ,there might be cases of water getting exhausted or people fighting on the line

3. Making New Friends
This is one great advantage, you easily meet your course mates. Level mates and even older students. Many students who stay on campus are smart(my observation sha). If you are even a quiet person you'll see your kind of person in the school hostel
4. Fun
Trust me there is fun in the school hostel but to be sincere you can't have as much fun in the school hostel like off campus
5.Closeness to school
Students on campus can easily go to school to read especially during exams,they can easily organise night tutorials. Getting to school early too isn't a problem at all .

1. No privacy
I tell you this is the biggest issue with staying on campus, you can't do things your way you must ask for the consent of your roommates, sleeping at night might be difficult cos some pple might be gisting even at midnight(ladies for example) ... You might even see cases of homosexuality or lesbian's
2. It's an advanced boarding house
Bitter truth is staying on campus is like living in a boarding house, you might argue with me but you honestly won't get the freedom you expected before gaining admission. You have rules which you must follow and so many other things which still follows the same pattern like the boarding house

3. Too many rules
Asin! Who needs rules again? You are now an adult and you should take decisions on your own.
One big issue with staying on campus is, if the school goes on strike or break  you must vacate the school premises and this won't be cool for students who don't like going home too frequently
4. Theft
When you stay on campus your foodstuffs will never last! If you use a big phone or pc it might disappear and you won't be able to do anything. It's like theft is legalised there
5 Bully and Rape for ladies
If you are a student with a small stature you might get bullied by taller students who may even be in your level. They can make like unbearable.
Most school hostels today are very porous and a male student can enter a female dorm and vice versa these can make ladies prone to sexual molestation or even Rape

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