Pros and Cons of Staying off Campus

Ads and Disadvantages of Living off Campus
1. Privacy
Trust me privacy is very important to every human being thats why you probably have a password for your phone. It's not about having a skeleton in your cupboard but just a sense of authority over your life.Staying on campus will limit this privacy, because you'll have to share a room with 4 - 6/8 students depends from school to school.

2. Freedom
The moment you gain admission you get that freedom but deciding to live on campus will limit that freedom in a way, you will have people watching you almost everytime ,you can't go to parties and other events outside school and come back at night... But off campus, you are so free to do as you wish and no one will question you  No more rules like kids in the boarding house..

3. Real life experience
When you are on campus , your life will still be like a student in the boarding house. Everything will be stereotypical but staying off campus you will have real life experiences that will help you in the future like it or not.
4. Space
There is no need to talk much about this , you have your own space compared to students sharing rooms with other students..You have your own space!
5. Independence
Not the literature text you read for Jamb o! Lol. When you stay off campus you have these independence. You make decisions on your own, paying bills like electricity,house rent etc.
You practically live like a bachelor or a spinster.

Everything with advantages always have the bad sides too.
What are the badsided to living off campus?
1. No security
Compared to other students living on campus who have 24 hours security, students off campus are prone to attacks from anyone and anything, be it snake, or cockroach(lol) or thieves.... That's why students staying off campus should always take security serious .
2. Water and Electricity
 Hmm. This depends on the kind of house you live in , students staying on campus have no issue with water and electricity even if they do they can make some complains or a protest and it will be done on time. But students off campus might face serious difficulties , like if you don't have borehole or a well in your compound or close you may have to go long distances before getting water . As for light , just hope to be in an area with good light, protesting might not end well , take a look at the Fuoye issue for example.
But with sufficient cash you can get an apartment with standby gen or solar.

3.  Boredom
This depends on your area too. If you stay somewhere with few or no students at all, you can really get bored and that can be very frustrating. Unlike students staying on campus, whether you like it or not , you can never be bored .
4. Distance to School
If you stay far from school this can be a big problem as you might end up going late for lectures
5. Disconnection
If you stay on campus and you are a shy person who finds it difficult to make friends you will get friends one way or another but if you stay off campus then you live where there are no students or in a villa where everybody minds their business you might become a loner.


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