Males Can Now Visit the Female Hostel in Oau. Ban Lifted!

After more than three months of No entry by male visitors into the popular female Maintenance Halls of Residence, the OAU security unit has made an official statement limiting the visitor's movement.

This was made known to the public through a circular released by the security department of the University and obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency.  It was made known in the circular that movement of male visitors into maintenance halls is now limited to 12 o'clock noon and 8 o'clock pm.

The Security Unit further explained that the limit was given  due to the recent security challenges faced by the halls of residence, and also to curb the likely effect of neighbouring security breach and spillover that might occur.

The circular was concluded by warning defaulters of the new set rule. It reads "any defaulter will be regarded as violating security directives and will be treated accordingly".


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