Sex for Marks! Lady forced to Sleep with her Lecturer and Hod to graduate

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to ask for help while accusing a University lecturer and HOD colluding to prevent a 22-year-old final year student from graduating, except she has sex with the lecturer for marks.

According to @TheBrotherUno, the lecturer and HOD are both in the "faculty of management science".

He said the lecturer is already making the girl have missing scripts and he's asking that anyone who can help sends a DM, so the student isn't prevented from graduating.

He tweeted:

I'm really angry AF. A 22 year old trying to graduate, lecturer wants to sleep with her in order for her to pass. The lecturer and HOD are colluding. Please if you can help DM me. She's in Uniport in her final year and she's likely gonna have an extra year if nothing is done.

A Twitter user asked: "Lemme guess faculty of mgt science."

And he replied: "Exactly!"

He added: "He's giving her missing script already. Babe is scared, says she doesn't want anymore wahala. That she's jus gonna do the extra year. This kinda shit breaks my heart."

Twitter users are already tagging activists to the post to get them to act.

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