Eksu Students threaten to Shut down school over water issue

It is really funny and annoying, just a week ago another school in Ekiti was shutdown due to insufficient electricity now another school in Ekiti threatens to shut down cos of water.

What kind of country do we live in?
This has been lingering for the past few months, infact close to 
3 months now if my source is right. Studnets in the Ekiti state university have suffered and  the lack of water has caused so many cases of illness...
The students union and hostel governor(Oke Oluwatobiloba) decided to stand up for the case to come to an end, by standing for the students rights to protest no matter what the outcome or consequences maybe.
This protest went on for over 3hrs today in which the vice chancellor of the university appeared and promised it will be repaired before 2:00pm today.

It was stated in his speech "It will be done on or before 2pm today, if it is not done at that time or moment the student shouldn't trust him for anything he says"....
it has been known to all student and was well assured. The student president (comr. Gbadero Habeeb) also gave his words that the school will be shut down if the demands are not met.

Hmmm. I hope they dont strike, what do you think?

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