Stupidity or Honesty? Two Students of ABU finds 2.5m and returns it!

Reports reaching Undergraduate has it  that two students of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, known as Ahmed Usman and Ahmed Suleiman have found a huge sum of money which was calculated to be about N2.5million & returned it to the owner known as Mallam Muhammad Kudu Ibrahim, a senior Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Science, Federal College of Education, Kotangora, Niger State who misplaced the cash on Wednesday last week. 
Suleiman a 300 Level student of Social Studies (faculty of education)explained  how the money was found in an open bag by the roadside.

"We were scared seeing such a huge amount of money in an open place which was beside the road. The leather bag was open and wasn’t zipped. I parked the car and we came out and looked around and nobody noticed what we were doing. Then, we picked the bag (money), and moved straight to the security office located in the school. We did everything with wisdom by giving the security men our phone numbers telling them to contact us should anybody lay complain of losing anything" he said .
The student said: “It was on Tuesday, the Students’ Union president and I were driving out of the school when we suddenly saw a leather bag realised that there was money in it.
They also decided not to disclose the contents in the bag even to the security men.
He continued saying; “Yesterday morning, I heard an announcement on the FM that the owner of the money was looking and searching all over for it. I informed my friend and I told him that he should wait until I get to the school.
Kudu Ibrahim, who owns the huge amount of money said he had already lost hope of seeing the cash. He praised the two students, Suleiman and Usman for their sincerity.
He said: I lost some amount of money beside the road yesterday. I later went there to check if the bag I kept the money was still there but, unfortunately, I didn’t find it. The sad part of it was that the money belongs to an association which I chair. How would I have explained the news to the association! It’s a thrift and loan scheme. Ibrahim (the owner of the money) promised to compensate Suleiman and Usman with an undisclosed amount of money.

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