What is CGPA

What is CGPA?

Often times, students come across the word or acronym "CGPA" and they get confused. Well you are in luck now.
The acronym means 'Cummulative Grade Point Average '. It is a form of grading system used in tertiary bodies.
In Universities the highest grade point is '5.0'. However it could be '4.0' in some Polytechnics.
The implications to CGPA is that it determines those who would come out with a first class and so on. In most cases it is best to have a high CGPA in the first year as that is the easiest time to pass.The first CGPA sustains students and keeps them from going low.  A student with a low CGPA in his first year tends to remain that way till the end and in most cases they might be advised to withdraw.
To get a first class in any university (might differ a little)  your CGPA must be between '4.5'and '5.0', anything less than this but higher than '3.5' is second-class upper. Second Class lower is from '2.5' to '3.49'.Less than this and above '1.5' is third class. Students are advised not to have anything below that cos schools don't tolerate dull students.
To aspirants out there still looking for admission, let me telll you tertiary institution isn't a joke cos you become more free than youve ever been. It is a place where you have no one to cajole you to read . Get ready to guide your CGPA with your life.
It is best for one to be sure of one's self than to be scared of being pushed. Hence, students are advised to take to studying to have a high CGPA.  "Las Las school na scam" is a song failures sing. Even If school is a scam, make sure you finish and be proud of yourself.
Cutoff time wasters and concentrate. Don't just go into big libraries to sleep.
A word they say is enough for the wise

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