5 Reasons to choose Fuoye

1. Easy Admission :  I know some people are going to slap me or even throw stones at me for this,  but if you look at closely Fuoye is one of the easiest universities  to gain admission to in the South west plus South South and Sour East.
Compare Fuoye's Admission with UI,  Unilag,  Uniben etc. You may think students get admitted through connection(It Happens in every school) If you play your cards well you'll be admitted, imagine they don't even conduct exam isn't that cool. I can tell you for a fact that students get admitted on merit in this school compared to any other school.
 2. Speed : Speed?  Seriously?  Fuoye?  You may disagree with me but even though Fuoye has had series of strikes which make them look slow, they are still among the schools with the fastest calendar(will post an article about that soon).
Super fast schools like oou  or Kwasu start admission processing even before waec results come out and when SS3 students are writing Neco, this makes it unfavorable for them and that makes them super fast.
3. No big issue of cultism yet: We hear of cultism over and over again,  it has dwindled over time, that doesn't mean they don't still exist in our tertiary institution. Can you remember the 'winter has come' situation in Oau that made many students run away from school . Cultist threatened to kill students make them scared, that situation shows that cultism still exists.
But in Fuoye there have been no real news about cultist yet except  yahoo boiz sha  😂
4. They currently rank among the top 20 Universities in 7years! :
7 years ? Thats crazy man!  Yeah it is,  the school has lived up to its standard by giving quality education (hmm at least better than some schools) that's why last time I checked they ranked 13th in Nigeria . The school is worth a try.
5. Good Hostel Facilities : The hostel facilities in Fuoye are still in good condition probably because of its age. The rooms aren't too congested and very comfortable.  The hostel  on the main campus (Oye) is very beautiful no wonder some students call it "hotel for dubai".
Below are my compilations of the reasons why you should try this school.
"Reasons not to choose Fuoye" a post on that coming soon.
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