5 reasons not to choose Fuoye

5 Reasons Not to Choose Fuoye

5 Reasons Not to Choose Fuoye
Federal University Oye ekti popularly known as Fuoye is a federal university located in Ekiti having two campuses, one at Ikole and the other at Oye Ekiti(Main Campus).
In a short time, between 2011 and at the moment im writing this article, the school has risen from being that new school to becoming one of the best universities in Nigeria(link)

  • Poor Facilities
  • High Tuition Fee
  • Insufficient Lecturers
  • No Alumni body yet
  • Too new

1. Poor Facilities:  This is probably the first thing every student of the Federal University Oye ekiti(Fuoye) is going to tell you, the school is still like a jungle although developing . So if you are an aspirant having images in your head of a super beautiful school please delete it.  Especially engineering and Agric students, you'll be coming to Ikole (Ikole is worse compared to oye)

 2. High Tuition Fee:  Imagine a fresher in a federal university paying 50k as acceptance fee and 107k for school fees . The fee is too high and many can't afford it but the school doesn't care.  All they care Is money, money and more money . Fuoye na scam is like the students motto ..lol I know that’s  how it is in all schools
3.Insufficient Lecturers: You're not going to believe it a federal university with insufficient lecturers collecting so much money.  But why? The existing lecturers may be competent but there are some departments with very few lecturers, I won't mention the departments but you need to know the truth. Finally they released a job vacancy ,you can check it here(link). Over time I hope this issue will be solved
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4. No Alumni body yet: If you enter any prestigious university today you'll see buildings built by the alumni body of the school and other sets . But you won't see anything like that Fuoye,  no not yet.  How do you want to see it?  Or maybe you can see the school  logo the first set erected.
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The school is yet to have graduates who are well known and we'll to do,  I don't even know if the graduates of this school have gotten any Job yet.  Schools with strong Alumni bodies tend to be better than their counterparts e.g OAU,  UNILAG.
5. Too New : Yes the school is too new at times I doubt the Nuc ranking of university cos I don't know how a school that is barely 10 years old can rank higher than older schools. Kinda confusing
The health facility also isnt so good,  the school is located in village so may not be too safe. 
Other reasons
Not fine enough
Its Located in a bush... lol....its developing

Don’t let any of the things discourage, I am a student of this school and I am proud of my school.
Fuoye is a great school for its age but not the best school yet, not to be bias , I actually see this school becoming  the best in Nigeria
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