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Within the last one week,  two universities in ondo state have gone on strike, both of them over the issue of school fees.

Students of the Federal University Oye Ekiti went to school on Monday 29th of April for their morning lecture only to meet the gate of the school locked up!

They were not allowed passage inside or outside the school,  the gate was locked by the student union and the several angry students who were pissed off with the school management .
To make matters worse this situation was the same on the two campuses (Oye and Ikole). Report reaching me was that students on the main campus (oye)  beat up a lecturer who was trying to oppose them.
Students in the school have seen this as a one week strike ,some see as two weeks.
Although it looks more like a two week strike,  the school management is yet to release a memo on that.
The VC went to the public and said only 2,000 out of 17,000 students have paid their school fees!
This is a big lie because about 60% of the freshers have paid their fees . So 60% out of 8,000 is already above 2,000.
The Vc promised and he couldn't fulfill any...

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