Why Students Sleep During Exam

Why Students sleep during exam
1. Reading Overnight: Reading overnight (burning the midnight oil)  is a very good method/style/time to read.  But reading over night few days or a day to the exam is a big error.Youll end up sleeping in the examination hall
2. Overconfidence : Some gurus/genius sleep before they start their examination most times because the question is too simple and the time is too much. So next time you see someone sleeping in the examination hall it may be due to overconfidence 
3. Disorientation : When some students see their examination paper and it is too difficult, they get disoriented and confused. Some of them give up and start to sleep
4. Stress/Illness: When an human is sick, such a person can't perform optimally  or when you are stressed up maybe because you didn't sleep over the night or personal emotional issues you may end up sleeping in class
5. Spiritual Problem: I can't ignore this,  there are so many evil forces always contending against someone fulfilling destiny..  It they are following you from your village you will sleep in the examination hall o! 

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